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Holly Madison has been in an on-screen matchup with Dmitry Chaplin in Dancing with the Stars (2005). Holly Madison is a member of the following lists: American television personalities, Participants in American reality television series and 1979 births. Contribute. Help us build our profile of Holly Madison! Zak Bagans and Holly Madison are officially an item ... we've learned the two are dating!!!. Sources close to the new couple tell TMZ ... Holly came into Zak's Haunted Museum in Las Vegas early ... Holly Madison has a new man in her life. The former Girls Next Door star is dating Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans , a source confirms to PEOPLE. Get push notifications with news, features and more. Holly Madison was a longtime favorite of Hugh Hefner, the founder of the controversial Playboy magazine. He was in a polyamorous relationship with her and two other women. He and Holly lasted from 2001 to 2008. She would go on to date and marry Pasquale Rotella, an Italian electronic music event promoter, in 2013. Holly Madison and Zak Bagans are officially dating, TMZ reports. Sources close to the couple told the news outlet that sparks were flying between Madison, 39, and Bagans, 42, when the former Playboy model visited his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas last month. (Photo: Ethan Miller / American Media / Contributor, John Lamparski / Contributor, Getty) Holly Madison is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Holly had at least 7 relationship in the past. Holly Madison has not been previously engaged. She expressed interest in marrying Hugh Hefner, but later dated magician Criss Angel. She and Pasquale Rotella had a daughter named Rainbow in 2012 and in 2013, the couple got married.

Chapters books and their original source book and series they're a part of listed by author

2020.08.10 09:30 coolghostboy Chapters books and their original source book and series they're a part of listed by author

Jenn LeBlanc
Karpov Kinrade
Jennifer L. Armentrout
And some extra shorts I think??
Kate SeRine
Mira Lyn Kelley
Lauren Layne
Gina L. Maxwell
Jessica Lemmon
Jerilee Kaye
Virginia Nelson
Tessa Bailey
HelenKay Dimon
Kate Meader
Cecy Robson
Sparrow Beckett
Jeaniene Frost
Night Prince series is apart of a larger series/universe called Night Huntress Universe.
Jade Lee
Ashlee Mallory
Jakayla Toney/Ms_Horrendous
Caroline Mitchell
Audrey Carlan - I believe all the Calendar Girl books were condensed into one Chapters book.
Milly Taiden
Liliana Hart
Susan Stoker
Brenna Aubrey
Holly Martin
Tiffany Reisz
Sarah Robison
Ashlyn Chase
Nichole Chase
Michelle Jo Quinn
Carey Corp
Anna Albo
Avery Flynn
Cindi Madsen
Victoria Davies
Kenadee Bryant
Samanthe Beck
Chris Cannon
Maria V. Snyder
These Study books are amongst a larger series called The Chronicles of Ixia, which also has another series in it called Soulfinders hahahah.
Rebecca Zanetti
Tracy March
Kira Archer
Kelly Codi Gary
Rachel Harris
Cari Quinn
Marissa Clarke
Tiffany Daune
Corinne Michaels
Jenny Holiday
Victoria James
Jenny Fusco
Nalini Singh
Kristen Callihan
Rachel Van Dyken
Susan Krinard
Nina Croft
Tracy Wolff
Katee Robert
Jill Shalvis
Lauren Dane
This series (Petal, Georgia) is part of a large series called Petal Georgia without a comma, and within the larger series there are two other series called Chase Brothers and Visits To Petal
Helena Hunting
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2020.06.25 18:12 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Jun. 10, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
4-1-2002 4-8-2002 4-15-2002 4-22-2002
4-29-2002 5-6-2002 5-13-2002 5-20-2002
5-27-2002 6-3-2002

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Hi all! Sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday. I was out of town for a funeral and I completely forgot. Back to the normal schedule next Wednesday. Hopefully this post can bring everyone some entertainment, because holy shit what a nightmare the last week has been.

  • So let's take a look at the WWE right now, shall we? Raw ratings are the lowest they've been in 4 years. Smackdown ratings are the lowest in history. Live attendance is at its lowest levels in almost 5 years. The brand split is 10 weeks old and so far, not one new star has really been created. Sure, some have been introduced, but no one is over in any real way. All its done is dilute the star power of both shows. Ticket sales for the split roster shows have fallen off a cliff due to half the stars people want to see not being on any given show. But Dave says this is a rebuilding phase for the company. The brand split was obviously a totally bungled effort and Dave doesn't seem to understand how they fumbled everything this badly. And then, to top it off, they're doing the exact same angle on both shows (heel authority figure vs. top babyface). Nothing about the 2 shows feels all that different. Same production, same style of booking, same website, same writing teams, plugging each others' house shows, sharing PPVs, airing highlights of the other show, etc. None of this feels like "creating our own competition." It just feels like more of the same (18 years later and this has been the case the whole time. Never once have the two shows ever felt particularly unique from each other in any meaningful way because they've never truly allowed Raw and Smackdown to actually compete).
  • That's not to say there hasn't been some effort. They've been trying to make stars out of Angle, Jericho, and Edge. But unfortunately, Edge blew out his shoulder this week and will be out for awhile (ends up only being about a month). Kane was due for a big push after the split, but he's out injured also. They tried for a few weeks with Bradshaw but seem to have already given up on that (they'll try again in about 2 years and it finally clicks). Kurt Angle is still entertaining, but he's being booked as a comedic heel which pretty much limits him to the midcard. Brock Lesnar is getting a strong push, but there's rumors he's been the victim of politics (Dave mentions again how Triple H went to Vince and talked him into stopping Lesnar's gimmick of winning matches by ref stoppage, which was something that was setting him apart and was actually getting over) and now every time he wrestles, even though he wins, he's looking way too vulnerable against lower card guys like the Hardyz. Lesnar is the one newcomer they've brought up lately that has a real star aura about him and they aren't doing shit to protect him (imagine if Goldberg debuted and was having to struggle to beat lower card guys in competitive matches). Orton was tossed out there to languish with no real direction. Leviathan was given the terrible Deacon Batista gimmick and brought up to the main roster way before he's ready. So on and so forth. All of those guys have superstar potential, but WWE isn't doing any of them any favors right now. Goldberg is pretty much the only hotshot bullet they have left in the chamber. If/when they ever bring him in and that doesn't work either, then what? "The problem is that WWE has become WCW, in nearly every way," Dave says before listing several examples of how WWE is falling into many of the same traps.
  • Which brings us to Steve Austin and his recent appearance on WWE's internet Byte This show. Austin went on and pretty much called it exactly as it is, saying the writing and creative direction of WWE is terrible right now and that the brand split has been a flop. Austin even made the same WCW comparisons as Dave. And that's pretty much what it is. A top star publicly complaining about the company's product (and not getting punished for it) is textbook WCW. Not to mention the way Austin walked out and no-showed Raw the night after Wrestlemania (again, not being punished for it). Once again, that's some WCW shit. If anyone else on the roster walked out or complained about the management and the writing in a public forum, they'd be punished or fired. Double-standards like that were a huge reason for all the locker room discontent in WCW (I can't find the video of this interview, but here's a recap).
WATCH: Steve Auston on Byte This recap
  • This just goes on and on with Dave critiquing everything wrong with WWE in 2002. They brought in Scott Hall and that went exactly how everybody else knew it was going to go. They brought in Nash and he's doing the same politicking and complaining he did in WCW. They brought in Hogan, put the belt on him, and he's already lost most of his steam. Shawn Michaels is back, but in a non-wrestling role (Dave mentions off-handedly here that Shawn is still claiming his back is injured and he's retired, but there's talk of him doing a one-off match sometime soon and see how things go from there. Needless to say, that's the seed that eventually becomes Shawn's entire second half of his career, but we'll get there). Dave also talks about Shawn claiming that he's found religion and he's a new man and says you have to take that with a pretty big grain of salt. Scott Hall said the same thing and most of the stories of wrestlers who claim to have found religion and cleaned up are usually full of shit, but time will tell with Shawn. And who knows, Dave says maybe he'll end up being one of the few who really means it (damn near 20 years later and, yup. Shawn was legit). There's an issue with using all these older wrestlers in full-time roles and Dave says guys like Hogan will be a lot more valuable if used sparingly. Even Ric Flair, who Dave admits is one of his all-time favorite performers and who can still cut the best promos in the business....but Dave says Flair isn't the answer either and they need to get him off TV because having him such a big part of the show every week is diminishing returns. And finally, to wrap all this up, he talks about other companies that went through hard times and what they had to do to rebuild. WCCW in 1983, AJPW in 1990, WWF in 1998, etc.
  • Tough Enough 2 is in the books and the show ended with the controversial decision for both Linda Miles and Jackie Gayda being declared the 2 winners, while the 2 male finalists were shit out of luck. The final decision was made by WWE producers Kevin Dunn and John Gaburik, as the show is mostly Dunn's pet project. Coaches Al Snow, Hardcore Holly, Ivory, and Chavo Guerrero also had input. Vince McMahon obviously had final say if he wanted it, but he reportedly had no impact on the decision at all and doesn't really seem to give a shit about the show one way or another. Dunn was told simply to pick the 2 who had the most immediate potential so they can do something with them ASAP. Of the 4 finalists, Linda Miles is thought to have the most potential. Dave breaks down her athletic career (including a WNBA tryout) and says she is by far the most athletically gifted woman the WWE has ever signed and picked up the in-ring part pretty quickly. She's also tall, which is usually a good thing for the guys, but with the women, it may work against her in WWE's eyes since she'll tower over all the other women (and some of the guys). She's also attractive, but not in that sex-kitten T&A way that WWE likes. Which brings us to Jackie Gayda, who became the star of the show after her steamy hot tub session with another contestant in which she cheated on her boyfriend and became the villain of the show in a lot of peoples' eyes. She also has the look WWE is wanting, but to be fair, she earned it. It was widely believed that nobody had the passion and desire to win as much as Jackie did and even after tearing her ACL, she refused to drop out of the contest. She has since undergone surgery and is already close to fully recovered (remember the show was taped months ago). The boyfriend she cheated on is still dating her and he was with her at the live finale TV special. On WWE Byte This, host Kevin Kelly mocked the dude and joked about how Gayda will dump the guy as soon as she's on the road full time away from him.
  • Some final Tough Enough notes. Specifically, about the other 2 finalists: Kenny Layne later became Kenny King, 2-time X-division champion in TNA, ROH tag team champ, ROH TV champ, and others and he still wrestles in ROH to this day. Dave says Kenny seemed the most disappointed about losing and he was also the best in-ring wrestler of the 4. Dave thinks he'll still end up getting a developmental deal at some point, he's too good for them to just let him get away. The other guy (Jake Sokoloff) never ended up doing anything in the business. The feeling on him was the he had the look to be a superstar but he just could not grasp the business at all, forgot things constantly, and didn't seem to be all that motivated. But looks alone still got him to the finals, though Dave doubts he'll get a developmental deal. He'll probably be able to milk this Tough Enough thing and get some indie dates if he wants. And if he improves enough to be a passable wrestler, then WWE will likely sign him in a heartbeat. But for now, he's basically a modern day Van Hammer. Anyway, the 3rd season of the show is scheduled to film starting next month and they're already going through applications. Hugh Morrus is expected to become a coach on the show. There's a lengthier screening process this time and they're trying to bring in serious contenders, rather than out-of-shape goofs just so they can make fun of them, like in previous seasons. They're expected to take Tough Enough 3 more serious and attempt to find some real stars this time (that season will result in John Morrison and Matt Cappotelli becoming names in the business).
  • Riki Choshu held a press conference to talk about his departure from NJPW after 28 years there and what his future holds. Choshu pointed the finger of blame squarely on Antonio Inoki and accused Inoki of forcing him out of the company. Choshu had lost his position as booker awhile back and due to his high contract, Inoki wanted him gone. They also butted heads over the amount of money Inoki was spending to open his Los Angeles dojo, noting that the place is losing $10,000 per month and hasn't produced a single star. Choshu took his complaints to NJPW president Tatsumi Fujinami, but even he is powerless since Inoki owns the majority interest in the company. Choshu said that, after all these years, he finally understands why Giant Baba never trusted Inoki. Choshu also talked about the loss of Keiji Muto, Satoshi Kojima, and Kendo Kashin, who all jumped ship to AJPW along with several NJPW office employees. Choshu said Inoki never even tried to figure out what happened or address the problems that led to those guys leaving and didn't even seem bothered by it, even though it was a huge blow for NJPW. Inoki responded to Choshu's comments, saying Choshu was earning and spending too much money. Inoki refused to talk about the L.A. dojo expenses and claimed NJPW's failure to make new stars in recent years was Choshu's fault. Tatsumi Fujinami also chimed in and, perhaps not surprisingly since he still wants to keep his job, he sided with Inoki. Basically repeating the same things: Choshu barely wrestled and was neglecting his office duties and was being paid way too much. Fujinami also defended the L.A. dojo, saying he was against it at first but now sees it as an investment in their future. So what's next for Riki Choshu? No one knows. He said he's going on vacation and word is he may start his own promotion. Dave thinks he'll pretend to start a promotion, and try to do an "invasion" angle with AJPW or Zero-1 but that's just speculation. Dave also has reason to think Choshu might try to poach some wrestlers from NJPW to come with him, in particular Hiroshi Tanahashi or Shinya Makabe.
  • Let's talk about wrestling books, shall we!? Dave first talks about how, in the early 90s, right after the WWF steroid scandal broke, he had a meeting with some publishers about writing a wrestling book, but the general consensus was that wrestling fans can't/don't read. The huge success of Mick Foley's book changed that and suddenly everybody was getting book deals. Foley had two #1 bestsellers. Rock's book went to #1. Chyna's went to #2. So on and so forth. Dave mentions that Sable got a huge offer for a book, but it never materialized for whatever reason. Flair, Lawler, Heenan, Hogan, Austin....all had offers or are working on books. Lou Thesz and Dynamite Kid put out excellent books. On and on. There's no shortage of wrestling books on the market now and, since we're on that subject, Dave has read FIVE recent books and decides to give each one a full review. So let's see what we got:
"Stu Hart: Lord of the Ring" by Marsha Erb. First of all, Dave mentions that Bret Hart has been writing his own autobiography for years that is said to be almost encyclopedic in its detail (yeah, Bret's book is an incredible must-read if you haven't read it. I personally think it's the best wrestling autobiography ever written). Anyway, this book mostly focuses on Stu and the glory days of Stampede Wrestling. Well written and Dave says it's surprisingly accurate, which is pretty incredible given that the author had no previous experience or knowledge of the wrestling business, but it was very well researched and Dave doesn't seem to have any fact-checking to nit-pick here. Erb bent over backwards to try to be fair to everyone in the family, many of whom have wildly different versions of the same stories. Some in the family weren't as cooperative, but she did the best she could with what she had and it's a really good book. He doesn't classify it as a "must-read" the way Foley's first book or Dynamite Kid's book was, but he puts it a level just below those.
"First Lady of Wrestling" by Missy Hyatt. Came out last year but he just finally read it. It's basically a sex-and-tell book, with Missy dishing the dirt on err'body. There were some major omissions (Missy doesn't even acknowledge her recent marriage for example) and some of the names/stories/locations are changed to protect some people she's still friendly with. Dave admits he's been good friends with Missy since way back in the mid-80s when she first started her career and it sounds like he knows some of the dirt on stories that she might have changed. Because of her lawsuit settlement with WCW, she wasn't allowed to write much about her leaving the company, but she did talk in detail about the circumstances leading to it. She tells a lot of stories about her first husband, Eddie Gilbert, though she tries to protect his memory and doesn't go into the details of his death. But the overall theme of the book is basically, "here's all the wrestlers I fucked and here's what it was like." Dave doesn't really address that other than to say that's probably why the book is so popular, so if you're into that, then this is the book for you. Otherwise, not much to talk about from a wrestling business perspective.
"Secret of the Iron Claw: The Story of the Von Erich wrestling dynasty as told by Fritz Von Erich" by author Ron Mullinax. The saddest of the wrestling books. As he was dying of brain cancer, Fritz Von Erich sat down with Mullinax (one of Fritz' only friends he had left at the time of his death, noting Mullinax is a lifelong wrestling fan and was probably Fritz's biggest fan) and basically shared his life story. Which, if you're familiar with the Von Erichs, is a sad story. Not here though. To his death, Fritz refused to stop "working" and as a result, the book is full of exaggerations and outright bullshit. Dave notes that it's "almost complete fiction." And of course, Dave gives a few examples and then tells the real story (example: in the book, when talking about the athletic backgrounds of all his children, it mentions Kevin Von Erich being recruited by the Dallas Cowboys. Not true. He was a starting fullback in college but didn't get any pro offers. Or the claim that Kerry Von Erich could have gone to the Olympics as a discus thrower. Again, he was good and even set some records in high school, but he gave up the sport early in his college career and was nowhere close to Olympic-level. Just shit like that). It also portrayed wrestling as real. Fritz did admit that sometimes, in order to entertain fans, they would stretch it out a little to have longer matches, but he still claimed the fighting was all real. Also claimed they invented using entrance music. No. Fritz also invented the cage match, the barbed wire match, the Texas Death match, and more. Needless to say, no, no, and no. Fritz also took credit for Vince McMahon's later success, saying that he came up with the idea of going national in 1973 and he told his big secret plan to Vince Sr., who passed it on to Vince Jr. and the rest is history. So if you want to re-live the old days of reading Apter mags where everything is portrayed as real and half the stories are total bullshit, then this is the book for you. But Dave thinks it's kinda sad that, even as he was taking his dying breaths, Fritz couldn't drop the gimmick and stop being a worker. Despite all this, Dave seems to have a soft-spot for the book, because he lived in Texas during the WCCW golden age and it's a period close to his heart, but it's among the worst wrestling books he's ever read.
"Hey, Boy! Where'd You Get Them Ears?" by Paul Boesch. This was actually written back in the 80s but was never fully finished or released until it was recently published by Boesch's family. Again, Dave admits he's in a unique position here because he knew Boesch and when he first wrote the book, Dave was one of the first people to get a copy that Boesch had printed up himself. Anyway, this is a really good book....for the 80s. But of course, back then, people protected the business and Boesch was no different, so there's some reality in here, blended with some fiction, while other things are simply glossed over to avoid talking about them at all. For someone who tries to mostly keep kayfabe, it's a really honest book otherwise. Having read this new version, Dave also says a lot of stuff has changed since he read the original in 1988. The final chapters in particular, focusing on Boesch's later years and his honest feelings on people like Vince McMahon, Bill Watts, Jim Crockett, and others are totally toned down from the original manuscript. Seems like Boesch's family didn't want to ruffle some people's feathers and they heavily edited Boesch's true opinions. Anyway, it's a must-read if you're a fan of that era and followed Houston wrestling, but Dave admits it's probably not going to appeal to many people beyond that.
  • (This isn't book related, but Dave recounts a story from Paul Boesch here that's too good not to share. He talks about a time during the dying days of Mid-South when they drew a disappointingly small crowd. Boesch pulled Dave aside and started giving him excuses for why the crowd was so small. It was a rainy day. There was a Houston Astros game that got moved which ended up competing against the show. The local economy was bad. On and on and on. Boesch told Dave every single excuse he could think of for why the crowd was so small. When he finished, he said, "I just wanted you to hear every excuse now, all at once, so you know that if anyone ever tells them to you again, don't listen. What really happened is I booked a main event that people didn't want to see. Period." Dave says, sure enough, in the 15 years since, he's heard every excuse imaginable for promoters when their shows don't draw. But at the end of the day, it comes down to that.)
"First Goddess of the Squared Circle" by Fabulous Moolah. The worst of the bunch, Dave calls it a 200 page insult to the intelligence of wrestling fans. Moolah presents her entire career completely in kayfabe, writing as if every match she ever wrestled was real. Even her 1999 WWF women's title victory over Ivory is portrayed as a real contest where the much, much younger Ivory underestimated Moolah. Stuff like that. She "protects the business" to an embarrassing degree. The book also contains never-ending praise and ass-kissing of Vince McMahon and his father. Unquestionably the worst of the wrestling books that has been released in the past few years.
  • Rumors that AAA in Mexico may be forced into a name change. Apparently there's some issue with Televisa owning the "AAA" name and apparently the promotion is having issues with the network. AAA owner Antonio Pena is said to be considering renaming the promotion PAP (Promocioes de Antonio Pena). If this does happen, it'll be bad news for them. Not just the name change, but Televisa is the highest rated network in Mexico. Losing their show on there would be devastating. (This clearly doesn't happen.)
  • You may remember Carlos Colon's brother Noel was murdered last year. Well the guy who did it was found guilty of first degree murder and other charges and sentenced to 99 years in prison without the possibility of parole. Noel Colon ran some kind of business and they found porn on one of the employees computers, which led to the employee being fired. After he was fired, he returned to the office, shot Colon twice in the head and twice in the throat.
  • AJPW merch sales have tripled because Keiji Muto is a t-shirt selling machine.
  • Pretty much every promotion in Japan is taking the month of June off because the World Cup is being held there, and trying to compete against the World Cup is madness. It'd be easier to just set your money on fire.
  • Atsushi Onita issued a challenge to Riki Choshu for an exploding barbed wire match because Onita never passes up an opportunity to get his name out there. They actually already faced each other 2 years ago and it was pure garbage as a match, but it did huge PPV buys and still holds the record for the 2nd highest Japanese PPV of all time (1st place is a Royce Graice vs. Kazushi Sakuraba match in PRIDE).
  • Davey Boy Smith's father is still trying to get the police in England to open up a murder investigation into the death because he still refuses to believe that his son would have put any drugs into his system.
  • At an indie show in Nashville, Jim Cornette got into a backstage altercation with Ed Ferrara. It was for Bert Prentice's promotion and Ed Ferrara was there because Jeff Jarrett wanted to have Ferrara, Jeremy Borash, and Don West do commentary, as a test-run for the upcoming NWA-TNA debut. Cornette was there because he's always there for these shows. Cornette has hated Ferrara ever since he portrayed the character making fun of Jim Ross in WCW, mocking his Bell's Palsy. And of course, Ferrara is just one step away from Vince Russo and I'm not sure if you've heard, but those two don't get along all that well. Anyway, Ferrara showed up and went around shaking everyone's hand as you do. He approached Cornette and went to shake his hand and....no. Cornette started talking to him, quietly at first, but we've all heard Jim Cornette talk. So he gradually got louder and louder and before you know it, Cornette was screaming and cursing at Ferrara about making fun of Jim Ross' medical condition and all that. Then Cornette spat in Ferrara's face and said that was for JR. Then he challenged Ferrara to take matters outside, but people got between them and it fizzled out. Fun times.
  • The NWA title will be decided in a Royal Rumble-style battle royal. They obviously can't use the name "Royal Rumble" but from Dave's understanding, it'll be basically the same rules. He thinks establishing yourself as a second-rate WWE by copying the Rumble on their debut show isn't exactly the best way to set the tone but so be it. Dave expects Shamrock to win because they won't put it on Jarrett immediately (although expect him to end up with the belt soon) and plus, people in TNA think Shamrock is still a big PPV draw because he did big numbers for UFC in 1995. Dave isn't quite so optimistic and thinks they should have just done a tournament. They could have stretched that out over 4 shows instead of 1.
  • Speaking of Shamrock, here's the story with him. He had been negotiating with WWE and they had agreed to let him have a 12-dates-per-month deal, same as Hogan, Nash, and Undertaker. But they wouldn't guarantee him the amount of money he knows he can make this year by fighting in UFC, and WWE refused to allow him to fight while under WWE contract. So that pretty much ended that. The TNA schedule is only 1 date every two weeks, which is enough to keep him in the public eye while still allowing him to train and prepare for potential UFC fights against Tito Ortiz and Dan Severn, both of which are rumored and would do huge business. So there you go.
  • Indie wrestlers James Storm and Chris Harris had a barn-burner of a match at that same Nashville indie show where Cornette was actin' a fool. Because of the match, it's rumored they'll be brought in to TNA.
  • Many of the TNA wrestlers have only signed single-show contracts or, at most, very short-term deals. As XWF proved, this is a bad idea. If somebody in TNA somehow manages to get over, WWE's gonna swoop in and they'll be on Raw by next week. You can't be serious about building a promotion without signing guys to long-term deals so you can safely build around them.
  • We're a week closer and ticket sales for TNA's debut show are still reeeeeally bad. Third row seats are still available as of press time. Dave estimates less than 300 have been sold so far, in a building that holds 7,000. They're going to have to heavily paper the crowd to fill the building for TV.
  • UFC filed a trademark lawsuit against the makers of Fire Pro Wrestling, a video game that uses characters from multiple wrestling and MMA promotions. They settled it out of court, with the FPW makers paying UFC an undisclosed amount of money.
  • Shawn Michaels will be returning to TV as part of an NWO babyface turn. As of now, the plan is not for him to wrestle, just to be an on-screen character. But Dave thinks it's only a matter of time, unless Shawn's back really just can't handle it. But WWE definitely wants him back for another match and Shawn has shown interest in the past.
  • Edge suffered a dislocated shoulder and torn labrum in the Smackdown cage match with Kurt Angle last week. He may be able to rehab it and return in a month or so, but if he needs surgery, it'll be more like 3 months. Couldn't be worse timing, since Edge is getting the first real sniff of the main event scene ever in his career, with Kurt Angle busting his ass to make Edge a star.
  • Goldberg had a meeting scheduled with WWE this week, but he canceled it and never rescheduled it. Shows you how interested he is. NJPW is sending someone to the U.S. to meet with Goldberg later this week to try to get him to work the October Tokyo Dome show.
  • Notes from Smackdown: Maven suffered a broken leg while doing a slide under Christian and his foot got caught in the canvas. This is pretty much exactly how RVD broke his leg in ECW. Anyway, Maven has a broken fibula and will be out 4-6 weeks. He continued the match though, all the way to the finish. They were just starting an angle where Torrie Wilson was gonna be Maven's girlfriend, so tough break (in 2 ways) for him. Undertaker had a match with Randy Orton and Dave gives Undertaker credit for making a real effort to help Orton look good in defeat. It was a damn good match and that was almost entirely because of Undertaker. It's not just him though, Dave notes that everybody Orton has been working with lately is going out of their way to get him over. He seems to be the chosen one right now. (Orton actually talks about this match in the recent Last Ride documentary).
  • The upcoming Madison Square Garden house show is going to feature Hulk Hogan teaming with Steve Austin against Ric Flair & Eddie Guerrero. So much for the brand split. Anyway, it'll be Hogan's first time wrestling in the Garden since 1992 and, brand split be damned, they're putting Hogan on the MSG show.
  • On his WWE.com blog, Jim Ross wrote about Davey Boy Smith's funeral and noted that his son Harry Smith will get an opportunity to try-out for WWE when he turns 18. He also said they were interested in Jim Neidhart's daughter Natalie, who wrestled as part of that Matrats thing last year. Dave hopes they encourage these kids to go to college first rather than signing them up as soon as they turn 18. It's a hard business and it'd be a good idea to have some kind of fallback plan in place rather than throwing them into the deep end while they're still kids.
  • Jim Ross also wrote that he's planning to release his autobiography in 2004 (ended up being 2017 but close enough right?)
  • Jeff Hardy has been pulled from all house shows but will continue working TVs on Monday night. Dave doesn't explain why, but earlier in this same issue, he once again hinted that Jeff looks like absolute shit these days and isn't half the wrestler he was a year ago. It's pretty clear that Dave knows about Jeff's drug problems but isn't outright saying it. Cuz yeah, Jeff was in deep at this point. Seems like WWE realized it too.
  • There's all sorts of rumors going around about WWE working with various Japanese promotions. Rock vs. Keiji Muto. WWE/AJPW partnership. Joint show with WWE and NJPW. Having WWE developmental wrestlers work Japan. etc. etc. Dave says there may be a little truth to the last one, it's been discussed, but the rest of it is all just bullshit made up by people in Japan trying to work the wrestling magazines and newspapers there. WWE isn't interested in any of that shit.
  • This week's episode of WWE Confidential was interesting because it talked about Davey Boy Smith and they didn't shy away from his drug problems, going deep into the story of his addictions. Although it's worth noting that, while everything else was talked about, steroids were never mentioned. They showed some clips of the lost interview from 1999. If you recall, when Smith returned in 1999 after Owen Hart's death, they filmed an interview with him and Diana where he talked about Bret, Owen, and lots of other issues. This was in the midst of the Owen lawsuit and WWE made the decision never to air the interview and it's been sitting in the vault ever since, with this being the first time any of it was ever seen. None of the clips shown here had anything to do with Owen or Bret. That stuff is all still in the vault somewhere to this day. But they played clips of him talking about his drug issues and his marriage with Diana. They also showed the bump in WCW that messed up his back on the Warrior trap door and even had footage of one of his last matches at an indie in Canada, teaming with his son.
NEXT WEDNESDAY: Steve Austin walks out on WWE, DDP retires, Vince McMahon on Byte This, preview of the birth of TNA, and more...
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Colorado governor signs police accountability bill, ending qualified immunity defense in the state
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Second Place
Getting a PlayStation 2 for my 9th birthday back in 2001
posted by erikien19 on /pics
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Optics’s illusions for the bois
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No comment
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My huge 12k by 12k Minecraft survival/adventure map is complete, with over 300 unique structures, 13 custom villages, challenging dungeons, special weapons, a fast travel system, and more. Download in the comments.
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>The new law requires all local and Colorado State Patrol officers who have contact with the public to be equipped with body cameras by July 1, 2023. **Unedited footage from body cameras must be released to the public within 21 days** of the filing of misconduct complaints. `This should be standard procedure everywhere.` Edit: ` The full text of the bill is pretty impressive. If an officer does not activate the camera or tampers with the footage, then their testimony will be inadmissible, there is a presumption that the missing footage would have shown malfeasance on the part of the cop, and they could be fired.`
posted by drkgodess on /news
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It got worse and worse the more I looked at it.
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Also they're using baby oil, not sunscreen.... They're about to be lobsters
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Whatever sound you’re making, your sister is not a fan
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My brain just broke
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Former playboy bunny Holly Madison says bulls hold the line (top confirmed).
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“The Nightmare”
posted by dittidot on /pics
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Bought a condo 3 years ago. Didn’t know I owned a storage unit in the basement until yesterday.
posted by accountingpro on /AbandonedPorn
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Got these awesome new leggings this week! \m/
posted by Lobby_Len-Zo on /Metallica
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The phrase ‘new normal’ can fuck right off
posted by SmellsLikeTat3 on /CoronavirusUK
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B\*\*\*\* of course i do, you think Im some half assed sherpa? idc if you are young or old, new or vet, guy girl or attack chopper, I will help you get that raid clear. `Edit: My first silver on this comment, I fucking love it lmaoooo` Edit 2: huh. I dont like being the changing comments to say thanks but god damn thanks for the awards reddit !
posted by Rexolboy on /destiny2
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History has shown that Germans are notoriously good at sorting and filtering before melting them down.
posted by Dr-Rjinswand on /mildlyinteresting
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Yep that’s me. Sorta odd this is trending. I have worked on some bigger things since then :) ` https://business.financialpost.com/news/fp-street/canadian-to-receive-fbi-award-for-uncovering-massive-botnet-scheme`
posted by davissec on /todayilearned
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Law and Order: SUV
posted by Controller_one1 on /WinStupidPrizes
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Edit; A couple things. Thank the majority of y’all for the kind words, and you kind stranger for the award. I’m not looking for karma, nor sympathy. I couldn’t care less for that. I had no intention on talking a picture for reddit, I took the picture with the plan on having it printed and framed. I posted the picture with the idea that hopefully it would reach even just one person that may not have a good relationship with there father and show that anything could happen at anytime and to cherish those moments you do have, cause tomorrow may never come.
posted by noidea725 on /pics
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2020.05.07 22:35 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update May 7, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update May 7, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden**,** wavyformula**, and Daily Update Team**
Note: We may need to paraphrase, but the notes are accurate.
Watch here:
Full Notes
Questions and final word in stickied comment
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2020.04.15 18:04 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Mar. 4, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
NOTE: I mentioned it in the first post of 2002 but a lot of y'all are aware that a few months ago, SaintRidley picked up the Observer Rewind reins after I stopped and started doing his own recaps from the 1980s. Well, he's been doing great work with it and he just finished posting the year of 1987. I went ahead and added it the Previously" section up there. ↑↑↑ Just wanted to make sure to bring it to everyone's attention.
  • It's been awhile since we've had major PPVs going head-to-head with each other, but it happened this week when WWA aired it's 2nd ever PPV live from Las Vegas, going head-to-head with PRIDE. Dave recaps the history of head-to-head PPV battles, specifically the WWF vs. Crockett war in the late-80s. How Vince McMahon created Survivor Series specifically to run it in direct competition with Crockett's first ever PPV, Starrcade 87. The resulting loss of needed revenue was a huge reason why Crockett eventually had to sell the company to Ted Turner and, in retrospect, set into motion everything that led to WCW's eventual death last year. He goes on to recap how Royal Rumble was created and aired on free TV to go head-to-head with Crockett's next PPV attempt, Bunkhouse Stampede. Then Crockett responded by creating the first Clash of the Champions and airing it against Wrestlemania IV. Not sure PRIDE vs. WWA is up there in the same league as that PPV battle. Which, to be fair, Dave admits it's not the same thing.
  • Anyway, the PRIDE show was among the greatest events of all time, one of the very few times in the history of the Observer that a show got a unanimous 100% thumbs up vote on the reader poll. It aired in Japan live and in the U.S. on a bit of a delay, with the matches edited in a different order. In Japan, the card was headlined by Vanderlei Silva vs. former UWFI wrestler Kiyoshi Tamura, which was an excellent fight that Silva won. In the U.S., the show was built around Ken Shamrock vs. Don Frye in the main event (in Japan, it aired 3rd from last) and the 2 men had an absolute war that should shut up critics who say both are too old. Shamrock lost a split-decision in a fight that Dave thinks should have legitimately been a draw. (This fight is considered to this day one of the all-time wars in MMA history. An utter slobberknocker. Neither fighter was the same again afterward and Frye has said that the damage Shamrock did to his legs in this fight led to him later getting addicted to painkillers). After the fight, Shamrock went over to ringside and hugged his girlfriend Alicia Webb, who you may remember as Ryan Shamrock. The girl that played his sister in WWF.
WATCH: Don Frye vs. Ken Shamrock - PRIDE 19: Bad Blood (2002)
  • And then there was WWA. A low-budget, amateur-ish event, marred by bad production and no-shows. Not that the crowd would even know, because most of the lineup was never even announced ahead of time anyway. The scheduled main event of Jeff Jarrett vs. Randy Savage didn't happen because Savage held promoter Andrew McManus up for more money at the last minute. Savage originally had agreed to work the show in exchange for a 30% ownership stake in the company, which was agreed upon. But three days before the show, Savage upped the ante, saying he wanted the 30%, plus an extra $50,000 in cash. At that point, they started haggling back and forth to try to strike some kind of deal. Ownership got pulled off the table and then Savage asked for a flat $250,000 fee to work the show. WWA turned that down and came back with a flat $150,000 offer instead. Savage turned that down and at that point, everything broke down. For what it's worth, a lot of the lower card wrestlers on the show worked for $300. Last second attempts to bring in Sting to save the show didn't work either. Road Dogg was also supposed to appear on the show but couldn't because of legal issues. Word is he got arrested 2 days before the show in Florida on a probation violation. As a result, the PPV was headlined by Jeff Jarrett defending the WWA championship against Brian Christopher.
  • The whole show was simply an embarrassment. The production was completely minor league and the crowd was totally dead for all these long matches with guys nobody cares about. The in-ring work was fine, but the booking often made no sense, with overbooked three-ways and 6-way undercard matches that ended up being more clusterfuck than match. It was also one of those Russo-type things where the commentary team made endless inside-references that only the hardcore internet fans would get. But then again, this show only drew hardcore internet fans anyway, so why not? They also constantly made reference to WWF, which came across as desperate and sad. In particular, Larry Zbyszko was given the chance to cut a meandering promo, challenging Vince McMahon to a fight over some unspecified grievance from 20 years ago and criticized them for having Chris Jericho as their world champion. Dave thinks Zbyszko was actually angling for a job from WWF by trying to start his own angle and says this promo was basically his job application. And he thinks it was pretty pathetic. Backstage, the disorganization was apparent and most even within the company saw what a mess it was and have already given up on the promotion as a lost cause. Dave said this PPV made it clear that nobody will be challenging WWF anytime soon.
  • Other notes from the WWA Revolution PPV: yes, in case you're wondering, that Japanese man sitting behind the commentary table all night who very briefly (literally blink and miss it) got involved in the Scott SteineDisco Inferno tussle was indeed NJPW star Hiroyoshi Tenzan and yes, they flew him all the way from Japan (and had him bring his ring gear just in case), only to have him do almost nothing and never be acknowledged on camera. Eric Bischoff was backstage, as a guest of Ernest Miller. Bischoff laughed off any questions about going to WWF but said the ol' "never say never" shtick. The crowd was about 2,800, most of them freebies and they were desperately giving away tickets in the casino before the show. During the first match, the building looked practically empty so they quietly began moving everyone closer to ringside to pack the area around the ring to make it look presentable for TV. Opening 6-way match featuring all the hottest indie stars was a sloppy mess, with too people flying everywhere trying to get their shit in and the cameras missing most of it. Bret Hart came out and cut a long, rambling promo before announcing Brian Christopher was replacing Randy Savage in the main event, to zero crowd response. By the 5th match, people in the crowd could be seen leaving, never to return. Jerry Lynn showed up, interrupting an Eddie Guerrero interview, at which point Dave mentions, oh yeah by the way, the WWF released Jerry Lynn 2 days before the PPV. Considering WWF has been talking about reviving the cruiserweight division after Wrestlemania, Dave doesn't know why they'd get rid of a guy who could be one of the best in the division. Anyway, yeah, this show sucked. Here ya go, enjoy.
WATCH: WWA: The Revolution PPV - 2002
  • WWF's latest investor conference call took place and wasn't particularly newsworthy, but there's some stuff to note. The new agreement with DirecTV is until August of 2003 and is under the exact same terms they were operating under last year, which means WWF gained nothing while losing an estimated $4.4 million in revenue over the last few PPVs. Following the brand split, WWF plans to run 16 PPVs per year, and increasing the price by an extra $5. Linda McMahon said Wrestlemania 18 has sold 58,000 tickets as of the time of the call, for a record gate of $3.96 million, breaking the record set by last year's WM. Dave goes through all the numbers and for the most part, in comparison to previous quarters, almost everything is down. Which is no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention because WWF is clearly on the downswing. Linda also said they're currently interviewing new writers and are hoping to double their writing staff, which Dave thinks is a terrible idea (and time has damn sure proven him correct). Finally, Linda was also asked how the purchase of the WCW library has benefited the company, which Dave thinks is an interesting question since revenues have declined since then and the Invasion angle flopped so hard that it killed any brand value the name "WCW" may have had. Linda talked about the value of the tape library but Dave points out that it's been a year and WWF has done practically nothing with that library (of course, in the end, they found ways to monetize that WCW library and it more than paid for itself).
  • In his first match as an official member of the AJPW roster, Keiji Muto lost the Triple Crown championship to Toshiaki Kawada in a match nearly a year in the making, before a sold out crowd at Budokan Hall. He hasn't seen it yet, but the match was reported to Dave as a near-classic (he ends up giving it 4.5 stars). The other 2 NJPW stars who jumped ship, Kendo Kashin and Satoshi Kojima, also worked their first official AJPW matches. Kaz Hayashi, formerly a member of Jung Dragons in WCW and who worked in WWF's developmental until asking for his release a few weeks ago, also debuted on the show and will be part of Muto's faction.
WATCH: Keiji Muto vs. Toshiaki Kawada - AJPW 2-24-2002
  • Obituary time for Swede Hanson, who worked primarily in the Carolinas and had a brief run in the WWF as a cult favorite babyface in the early 80s. Sadly, he passed away in a mental hospital because he had advanced Alzheimer's disease which made it impossible for his family to handle him and they had him put away. Jeez, that's rough. He also had a litany of other health problems. Dave gives an in-depth history of his career in the 60s and 70s as a heel in the Carolinas before talking about the WWF run. Vince Sr. brought him in as a monster heel to challenge Bob Backlund, and Dave thinks someone else must have backed out at the last moment or something. By this time (in 1979), Hanson was well past his prime and hadn't been a major star anywhere in years but he was a big dude and so they brought him in to face Backlund and they actually sold out Madison Square Garden with Backlund vs. Hanson in the main event (though Dave says Bruno Sammartino working the undercard sure didn't hurt). The match sucked and almost immediately after, he became a jobber in the WWF, but Vince Jr, on commentary, just loved to call him "Rawboned Swede Hanson" and the "Rawboned" nickname caught on. Vince said it with such gusto that Hanson briefly became a cult favorite jobber from it and the crowd turned him babyface at damn near 50 years old. It led to a brief career resurgence and him having a small role in the Backlund/Billy Graham feud for the title before he finally faded into oblivion.
  • Mark Henry won the "world's strongest man" competition at the Arnold Classic bodybuilding and fitness event. Henry has been out of WWF for the past 2 months training for this competition and the training paid off, with Henry capturing first place and making a legitimate viable claim to his "strongest man in the world" moniker. During the event, Henry became the first man in 50 years to cleanly press the 366 pound Apollon wheel weight above his head. In another event, he carried an 800 pound block of bolted together railroad ties up a 40-foot ramp faster than the other competitors. For his victory, Henry won a $75,000 Humvee and some other cash prizes. Over the same weekend, he also won another $1,000 in a contest where he was able to lift an inch dumbbell (which weighs 172 pounds) to his shoulder with one arm. There's a bunch of other weightlifting stuff here, but you might be surprised to find out....I dunno shit about any of this. I got winded lifting pizza to my mouth earlier. Mark Henry strong.
WATCH: Mark Henry at the Arnold Classic 2002
  • Another obit for former wrestler, promoter, and father of 80s valet Baby Doll, Nick Roberts who died of pancreatic cancer. Once again, a bunch of details and stories about someone I've never heard of in wrestling history that Dave somehow knows everything about. I know I've said it before, but these obituary pieces are some of the greatest reasons for subscribing to the Observer.
  • Masahiro Chono says he wants to take NJPW in a more serious, realistic direction. No sports entertainment gaga nonsense, they want it to be like a real sports product. So much so that, in his own match with Manabu Nakanishi at the last big NJPW show, Chono wouldn't even bounce off the ropes, saying that it's not credible and no one would do that in a real fight. Ah yes, Inoki's gonna love this.
  • FMW wrestler Kodo Fuyuki has said he plans to try to keep the promotion running after it was announced it was folding last week. FMW still has 8 shows scheduled for this month and Fuyuki said he plans to try to run them himself and keep the company going (no such luck buddy).
  • Japan Today, an American newspaper that covers Japanese news daily, had a story on Antonio Inoki battling diabetes. It says he was first diagnosed in 1982, which Dave says is right around the time Inoki's in-ring work dropped off considerably when he lost his stamina. The story said for the last 20 years, Inoki has eaten a ridiculously healthy diet and is in better health now at 59 than he was then at 39.
  • Dave said he got tons of positive feedback on the debut of RF Video's Ring of Honor promotion in Philadelphia. The show was sold out in advance, was well organized, and had several really good matches. They limited a lot of the mistakes that most indie companies fall victim to, such as too many matches, too many run-ins, too much mic work, too many guys trying to do too much stuff, etc. Steve Corino and CZW announcer Eric Gargiulo did commentary. Eddie Guerrero faced Super Crazy in an excellent match and the main event was a three-way featuring Low-Ki, Christopher Daniels, and American Dragon that Dave has heard rave reviews for. And thus, ROH was born.
WATCH: Highlights from ROH's debut show in 2002
  • Vic Grimes took the most insane bump of all time at an XPW event before 1,500 fans in Los Angeles. Grimes was facing New Jack in a scaffold match said to be at least twice as high up as the fall Mick Foley took off the Hell in a Cell. The ring below had tables stacked 4-high to break his fall, but Grimes ended up missing most of the tables when New Jack overshot him. Perhaps on purpose. Grimes missed all but the corner tables at the edge of the ring before coming down on the corner turnbuckles. After the bump, they tried to rush fans out of the arena since it was almost 1am and gave many the impression Grimes life was in danger. But he was surprisingly okay and was walking around backstage after, although he was definitely banged up. Grimes was really nervous about the bump earlier in the day, as you might expect and Dave says he's pretty damn lucky he didn't miss the ring because he almost certainly would have died if he took that bump straight to the floor. Elsewhere on the show, there was a match where porn star Lizzy Borden (wife of XPW promoter Rob Black) faced another porn star, Veronica Caine, in a match that was supposed to end only when someone was stripped totally naked. But right before it happened, the lights went out and the women were rushed out of the ring and when fans realized they'd been ripped off, they were so pissed the arena feared a riot. (Anyway, here's the bump and yeah....Grimes very easily could have died from this. No mention from Dave on the fact that New Jack also tazed him before this)
WATCH: Air Grimes goes long
  • Shane Douglas is expected to take over as XPW booker when his WCW contract with Time Warner expires next month.
  • Former WCW journeyman wrestler Chip Minton's primary career was bobsledding. He only wrestled in WCW occasionally while doing that, primarily as a jobber on the C-shows. Minton was part of the US bobsledding team in both the 1994 and 1998 Winter Olympics and was planning to compete this year, but failed to make the team. Soon after that, he failed a steroid test and has been suspended from the sport for 2 years.
  • Remember a couple weeks ago, it was mentioned that Roddy Piper was in a car accident but he was playing down how serious it was? Turns out....very serious. Piper suffered 4 broken ribs, one of which punctured his liver and nearly killed him. He also suffered severe back injuries and shattered his ankle. Piper was taken to the hospital and was near death but obviously, he managed to pull through and has still been making all his appearances for XWF in recent days. (Yeah I think in Piper's autobiography, he dedicates the book to the guy who saved his life by rushing him to the hospital and even says he was clinically dead for a few moments. Then again, Piper was like a lot of those old time guys and was prone to exaggeration, so who knows).
  • Eric Bischoff is teaming up with Mark Burnett, the producer of the hit show Survivor, to produce a MMA reality show called Skien. From Dave's understanding, it will basically be a reality show with K-1 kickboxers leading up to a PPV event. (Here's an article about it from Variety at the time, but this ends up going nowhere).
WATCH: Variety article on Eric Bischoff's new reality show
  • Notes from Raw: only one thing really notable, they filmed a segment at referee Tim White's bar The Friendly Tap. The bar really is owned by White and WWF pretty much always films angles there when they're in town (Providence, RI). This time, the skit featured the APA going into the bar to drink and the bar was filled by a bunch of gay men and drag queens (played by a bunch of wrestlers from indie promotion Chaotic Wrestling) while the APA guys acted all grossed out by it all. Then Billy and Chuck attacked them. Dave thinks this played on all the typical homophobic stereotypes and he seems pretty irritated by it. Anyway, among the wrestlers from Chaotic were Todd Sinclair (better known now as ROH's senior official), Rich Palladino (ring announcer for Beyond now) and John Walters (indie wrestler and former ROH Pure champion).
  • Next week's Smackdown hasn't aired yet but it was taped and Dave has details. Notably, this is the episode where Austin chases down the NWO and tries to shoot them with a net gun. Dave says this was a mess, with the gun going off but no net being fired from it and they'll have to fix the whole thing in post-production. It went horribly when they filmed it and it aired for the live crowd and it killed the crowd and basically forced them to improvise on the spot (on one of the Something To Wrestle podcasts, Bruce Prichard tells this story and how frustrated they were with this net gun being a piece of shit). This episode also featured Stephanie yelling at Chris Jericho for getting her the wrong hand lotion and Booker T and Edge feuding over a Japanese shampoo commercial. (Rock/Hogan was great, but man, the build for everything else at Wrestlemania 18 suuuuuucked.)
  • Prototype won the OVW title from Leviathan at the latest OVW tapings. After the match, they did an angle to set up David Flair as the #1 contender for the title. Prototype's only singles loss in OVW came last week, when Flair beat him, so there ya go (this video covers ALL of that. The FlaiCena match, the Leviathan match, the post-match angle, etc).
WATCH: Prototype vs. Leviathan for OVW title - 2002
  • Wall Street Journal did an article talking about the decline in Smackdown's ratings, saying they were down 28% from last year and down 42% from the year before that. The article blamed it on Smackdown changing networks. Here's the thing though....it hasn't. Raw changed networks in 2000. Smackdown has been on UPN since its debut. Also, UPN has grown overall in ratings while Smackdown has declined. So....no. It's just because the show sucks now.
  • Charlie Haas, fresh off returning to the ring and winning the HWA title after the death of his brother, tore his ACL this week. He just had surgery and will be out 4-6 months. Rough few months for that dude.
  • A Washington newspaper did a story on James Dudley, who you may know as....WWF Hall of Famer James Dudley and little else. On-screen, he's never really done much. But Dave says Dudley started working for Vince Sr. back in the 1940s, when Sr. was a boxing promoter, and was essentially his Vince Sr.'s driver and assistant. Dudley did a lot of odd jobs for the company during those early years, working ticket booths and stuff like that, but to most people, he was just kinda known as Vince Sr.'s limo driver. So when he was indicted into the WWF Hall of Fame a few years ago, it was a pretty controversial decision among a lot of people, given that someone like Bruno Sammartino isn't in, by the company's limo driver is. Anyway, before his death, Vince Sr. made Vince Jr. promise to take care of Dudley and keep him on the payroll. So for the last 18 years or so, even though he doesn't work for the company, Vince McMahon has continued to pay him a salary. He also bought him a new car as a gift some years back.
  • Billy and Chuck's recent tag team title win makes Billy Gunn the most decorated tag team wrestler in WWF history, as he's now held the tag titles 9 times (3 as part of the Smoking Gunns, 5 as part of New Age Outlaws, and now once with he and Chuck). The previous record was Mick Foley, with 8. (to the best of my research, if we're only talking WWF/WWE tag title reigns, that record is now held by Edge).
  • USA Network CEO Barry Diller took part in a lecture at Syracuse University and talked about losing the WWF to TNN. When asked why it happened, he responded, "Because I'm a dope." He said he didn't fight hard enough to keep the WWF and admitted the loss hurt, but also said it may have been the best thing for them in the long-run because pro wrestling doesn't really fit the direction they're planning to take the network. He said wrestling fans came for wrestling and left immediately after it was over and there was never any cross-over fans who stuck around to watch the next show or anything like that. He said they could never figure out what to connect wrestling to within the rest of their properties.
  • WWF held a try out camp in Cincinnati and reportedly, nobody was particularly impressive, including AJ Styles. The knock on Styles was that he's average looking and too small. Wrestler Sonny Siaki was said to be the most impressive, but he also rubbed people the wrong way with his attitude so probably not gonna make the cut this time. Matt Morgan, who was on the Tough Enough casting special last season got a tryout and since he has no formal training, he was pretty awful but he's big so Dave seems to think he'll get a chance anyway. The other one they were impressed by was a woman named Erin Bray, who was one of the final 25 picked for the original Tough Enough. But then some other contestants spotted her out on a date with one of the show's judges and they threw a fit, which resulted in Bray not making the final 13. Another wrestler, Travis Tomko, is a guy who has worked some indies and is a former bodyguard for Limp Bizkit ("Tomko, gimme a beat." "No.")
  • Rock was a presenter at the NAACP Awards and Dave thinks he looked pretty great for a guy who was almost murdered in an ambulance by the NWO a few days earlier. Cheeky Dave is just the best.
  • Speaking of, Dave throws in a random paragraph to backhandedly shit on Kevin Nash. For years, people in the business joked that Lex Luger made the most money with the least ability or drawing power of anyone ever in wrestling. Dave says it's gotta be Nash. For example, Nash is not wrestling and is only going to be in Hall's corner for the match at Wrestlemania (his knees really are giving him problems), but he has been promised that he's going to get the same type of payoff as if he was the guy in the match working with Austin in the semi-main event. Not to mention all the huge contracts he signed in WCW, or how he got a huge-by-WWF-standards deal here, plus got Vince to cave to almost all his other demands regarding schedule and bringing back Scott Hall, among other things. (I mean, while Dave is being kind of a dick here, I don't think he's really wrong either. When it comes to top draws in the history of the business, Nash isn't anywhere near even the top 10 or 20. And he's never exactly been a great wrestler. But since the 90s, Nash always managed to make sure he gets PAID like he's in that upper echelon. Nash is one of those very few wrestlers who isn't entranced by the fame or the fake accolades. He treats wrestling for what it is: a business. It's the way they pay their mortgages and buy groceries, just like you and me at our jobs. I love it. I laugh my ass off every time I hear "Brock Lesnar signed a huge new contract to only work 6 matches a year." Good for him. I hope he gets even more money for less dates next year. You should always know your worth and never let your employer take you for anything less. Nash has always been one of the guys to do that and he's probably going to die comfortably in a nice house while these other guys from his era are still clinging to fame at 60 years old doing $300 indie shows on crippled knees. Anyway, that's my soapbox). Dave seems to feel the same way and admits, love him or hate him, you gotta give Nash credit for being one of the smartest guys in the biz.
  • Fear Factor featuring the Hardyz, Lita, Test, Molly Holly, and Jacquelyn aired this week. First they had to climb up a rope ladder hanging from a helicopter over the river and they all made it up except Jeff Hardy who slipped near the top and fell (knowing Jeff, he probably purposely let go so he could take the big fall for fun). Lita also got eliminated for being the slowest one up the ladder. Next they had to chug a gross drink that included bile, rooster testicals, spleen, and some animal brains all blended together. Molly Holly almost vomited after one sip and was out. Jackie and Matt succeeded. Test refused to even try. So then it came down to Matt vs. Jackie and they had to walk across the tops of high poles and move flags around. Matt Hardy ended up winning the whole thing and won $50,000 for charity.
WATCH: WWF stars on Fear Factor, Pt. 1
WATCH: WWF stars on Fear Factor, Pt. 2
WATCH: WWF stars on Fear Factor, Pt. 3
  • Sunday Night Heat is being converted into one of the B-shows like Metal and Jakked. Awhile back, they started airing Heat from the WWF New York restaurant but the production costs of that were high. So in a cost-cutting move, they're just gonna tape dark matches and throw them on Heat the same way they do those other shows, featuring all the nobodies that can't ever get TV time on the main shows.
  • As mentioned last week, Scott Hall has been taking a drug called Antabuse, which makes him violently sick when he drinks or even smells alcohol. It caused him to get sick after Raw last week when Austin poured beer all over him in a bit after the cameras were off. Hall has said he is clean and has been clean for awhile, except for the incident a couple weeks ago where he fell off the wagon. Others are skeptical and question if Hall only takes his medication on TV days and needless to say, there's some doubt here.
  • Everywhere he goes, Brian Christopher has been telling people he's coming back to WWF after Wrestlemania, but contrary to what he's saying, Dave says there are zero plans for that (indeed, it does not happen).
FRIDAY: More on WWA's PPV disaster, the landscape for any new promotion attempting to start up, WWF huge show in Japan, WWF loses appeal over "WWF" initials, Bret Hart given offer for Wrestlemania 18, and tons more...
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2020.04.08 21:54 RaniPuspita The Reasons Why We Love Holly Madison Holly Madison

By Kevin Kayhart For Dailymail.Com
Las Vegas burlesque star Holly Madison pregnant – holly madison holly madison
Published: 22:fifty eight EDT, 23 March 2020 magnificence=”mol-para-with-font”>She’s been area the function of domestic academy abecedary back activity into apprehension together with her two adolescent accouchement within the deathwatch of the advancing coronavirus crisis.
And on Monday, Holly Madison, forty, took a abrupt abatement from her domestic cloister for a quick airing forth a few attractive deserted streets in Los Angeles.
In befitting with the ambulatory alarm of bloom officials, the above Girls Next Door amazing kept the a laugh breach advocacy in apperception and by no means regarded to get abutting to each person in the course of her walk.
Kendra Wilkinson y Holly Madison se enfrentaron a una TERRIBLE .. holly madison
Cabin Fever antidote: Holly Madison, forty, took a breach from home apprehension and went out for a airing abreast her home in Los Angeles on Monday
While out and about, the Oregon integrated self sustaining for informal-comfort in the advent management in a atramentous and dejected checkerboard blouse over a bodice and atramentous leggings.
She moreover donned a brace of shoes and wore her absolute albino duster continued with a few added mixture and a allotment at the mild left.
Earlier within the day, Madison regular to one of the brainy ancillary furniture of the advancing bloom crisis quarantine.
Kendra Wilkinson defiende a Hugh Hefner ante palabras de Holly .. holly madison
In step: The above Girls Next Door high-quality adhered to the a laugh breach advocacy for the duration of her stroll
Casual-comfort: The Oregon wore a atramentous and dejected checkerboard blouse over a bodice and atramentous leggings.
Keeping contact: While out and approximately, the absoluteness wonderful continually arrested her phone
‘Confession: I anticipation it changed into Monday yesterday. All day,’ she captioned a photo assuming herself with a agape attending on her face and her argot afraid out of her mouth.
11 fotos e imágenes de gran calidad de Holly Madison – Getty Images – holly madison holly madison
With schools closed, the Holly’s World splendid has been acclimation a few acquaint for babe Rainbow, seven and son Forest, three, whom she stocks with ex-husband Pasquale Rotella.
Ah ha: At one point Madison took apprehension of a columnist in the ambit and airtight her very own account and combination it on her Insta-Story
Whoops: Madison established she anticipation ‘it became Monday the day past,’ in an Instagram column assuming her afraid out her tongue
‘Of enhance my printer decides that the quarantine/home academy era is the absolute time to die on me,’ she wrote forth with a quick Encouraged a good way to our blog, on this particular time We’ll give an explanation for to you concerning key-word. And nowadays, this could be a number one image:
Kendra Wilkinson y Holly Madison se enfrentaron a una TERRIBLE .. holly madison
What about image above? Is usually wherein first rate???. If you’re extra dedicated hence, I’l t show numerous photo once more underneath:
So, if you need to gain a lot of these wonderful pix concerning (The Reasons Why We Love Holly Madison Holly Madison), press save hyperlink to save those pics on your computer. These are all set for down load, if you like and need to seize it, just click shop image within the web page, and it will likely be right away down loaded for your laptop laptop. Finally in case you would like secure unique and the recent picture related with (The Reasons Why We Love Holly Madison Holly Madison), please comply with us on google plus or keep the web page, we attempt our nice to offer each day replace with sparkling and new photographs. We do hope you like staying proper right here. For many up-dates and current facts approximately (The Reasons Why We Love Holly Madison Holly Madison) pix, please kindly follow us on twitter, route, Instagram and google plus, otherwise you mark this page on e book mark section, We attempt to gift you up-date frequently with clean and new pix, love your exploring, and locate the satisfactory for you.
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Bridget Marquardt, Hugh Hefner, Kendra Wilkinson Y Holly Madison .. holly madison
11 fotos e imágenes de gran calidad de Holly Madison – Getty Images – holly madison holly madison
Holly Madison Over the Years: From ‘The Girls Next Door’ to Now – holly madison holly madison
Holly Madison detalló la dura riña que todavía mantiene con Kendra .. holly madison
Qué fue de la vida de las conejitas de Playboy Mansion? – holly madison holly madison
Holly Madison – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre – holly madison holly madison
from WordPress https://www.flowernifty.com/the-reasons-why-we-love-holly-madison-holly-madison/
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2020.04.02 15:57 altself_perrikin Part 3 of 3 Survey Results: "Fifty shades of Hate--survey on characters you detest the most on Choices"

News to announce:
Thanks to your support, my positivity spin-off based on this “hate” survey is still running and I’ve received enough responses for a results post later :) Want a chance to show your appreciation and support for characters considered generally disliked in this survey? Ever considered voting for your favourite MCs? Feel free to check my positivity spin-off post if you haven’t and here’s the direct link to the spin-off survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf2qcgNyrTYS4kZafoSw9lfhDlnR0tCugR-12US4eMY8_rPfA/viewform?usp=sf_link
I’d highly appreciate your input!
That said, thank you so much for your participation and sharing in this "Fifty shades of Hate" Choices survey, and special thanks to those who elaborated on your character mentions and shared your thoughts on the topic!
There are a total of 176 responses. Part 1 has covered top character mentions for each category; Part 2, general opinions of Choices characters that are disliked / despised, and this part is on opinions of specific characters selected from individual responses.
**There is a spectrum of phrasing used in the following responses. Some have strong words and emotional language, so feel free to skip whatever you don’t feel comfortable with and please read the synonyms of “hate" according to your own preference. I truly hope you could understand that I have tried my best to balance it out, omitting strongly negative ones that convey similar ideas, and for fairness, elaborations on all characters available from the responses are included.
Note: there are minor edits but answers have NOT been edited for spoilers. Please proceed at your own risk.
The survey was conducted in mid to late February 2020 so further character developments in books like Baby Bump, Open Heart 2, Bloodbound and Blades of Light and Shadow are not taken into account.

Thoughts on characters by category

1) Characters who immediately spring to mind when you read the phrase “characters you hate the most”
2) Disreputable characters whom you “detest” but at the same time appreciate their villainy

3) Characters whom the MC is supposed to like but you definitely do not
Unpopular opinion but Damien from PM, he was supposed to be this tough detective but instead of it we get constantly whining weakling without self-esteem and confidence. Hated it when MC suggested open relationships and it was so obvious that he hates the idea but agrees to it just to please her and be with her. Man, don't you have pride at all? Urgh, hate those types of men!
Also Leo from ROE, the same whining coward!!! Man, you're crowned prince, you have responsibilities to your country and people, own them! Instead of it he's just running away all the time and enjoys his life, making his brother to take care of everything. Hate Leo's personality so much!
And also Audrey from ROE, she's selfish and clingy.

4) Characters whom you could never visualize yourself becoming like in real life

5) Characters you “despise” for being the most poorly designed on Choices
[a break for readers]

Additional opinions of characters

--Longer responses have quote blocks applied while inserting line breaks for easier reading--
I do not hate anyone, because hate can destroy you.
Dowager Countess Dominique engaged me to an implied rapist whom I made it clear I hated.
Liam is the most forced LI in the history of Choices, and he put my daughter in danger.
Becca is horribly mean and insecure, but she is indeed hurt. I still would never have a friendship nor relationship with her, but I feel kinda bad for her.
Kamilah is forced and I really don't trust her in any way. Also she has had more partners than I can find comfortable.
William is so forced and completely ignores everything my MC complains about. He is so ignorant and yet we're supposed to like him?!
Clint had a one night stand after just meeting MC. Period.
TFS MC doesn't really have much choices at all; RoE MC has to "date" three guys at once.

PTR and LH MCs: so immature, inconsiderate and came with a colander, instead of a bucket, when intelligence was being distributed. I was ashamed having to play as them. Worst MCs ever so far.
Luther: I understand his motives but I condemn his actions. Slaying people for the sake of making one kingdom - when rallying them like Kenna does is easier - I just can't support that.I had to name 3 characters I hate the most because they are just plainly despicable. They treat women like objects, like entertainment and like they own them. They are conceited, entitled and narcissists. And the two first have no problem with the idea of raping women. They are sickening.
Beckett: To me, he's an insecure know-it-all who occasionally looks down on MC, accusing them of not opening enough books. Deep down, I feel he's jealous of not being as powerful as them.
Nate: A triggering creep. Somebody behaved like him toward me. I got scarred for life. And I hate that he keeps calling MC by her last name just to try being cool.
Save the date MC: Not a bad person per se but we are polar opposites. She hotheaded, very impulsive and really doesn't anticipate that much. It was a bit challenging to play as her but she's not the worst MC either.

Autumn is a terribly selfish person. When Wes called her out on her sitting on her hands and not doing anything to help the school, she started spouting some bullshit that we all (especially the OG High School Story players) knew not to be true. And they break up. For whatever reason she decides to act as if she is the victim? Even though what Wes said about her was 100 percent true and her not wanting to risk her art school was putting everyone else in a bad spot. But somehow we are supposed to feel sorry for her. When she described her date with Julian at some point in a premium scene, that is when I truly started to hate her. The date didn't go well, Julian didn't speak much (which is probably due to being nervous or something). But instead of asking him what is going on... she just decides to just be like fuck it and not talk to him. And then she acted as if she was the victim in this situation... (Probably recalling the situation incorrectly, it now has been a year or so since I have played this book.) I sincerely wish I could have told her to shove it and not date anyone because she needs to learn to look at herself. I felt like both Wes and Julian were trying to shift and mold into a person she would like, while she didn't change at all and felt entitled to them being this way.She showed signs of this in the original HSS I guess, but didn't think it would become this bad.
Poppy Patel was just annoying. And her trying to make Dax jealous and then getting jealous when Dax was genuinely getting closer to someone else just made me hate her.

Jake - I know he is a fan favorite and "grumpy marshmallows" are a whole type the fandom loves. But I find him excruciating to interact with. His nicknames are infantilizing and dismissive, he's cocky, and his attitude would drag the group down IRL. I don't find it redeeming when characters are nice after they fall in love with MC and open up about their tough life, but continue to be rude to everyone else. I know people who have experienced the worst things and they are still caring, kind people (the Quinns of the world). I even understand people who put up walls and distance themselves from others, trying to project an intimidating vibe when they're actually hurting (the Estelas). But Jake is straight up casually rude and demeaning to everyone. I don't care how messed up your past is, it gives you no excuse to be cruel to others.

I don't like rude characters, I will never spend my time, efforts or diamonds to try to warm up to characters who start out with a huge chip on their shoulder. I wish the "jerks who are really a just marshmallow" type characters would choke on their angry, bitter and condescending attitudes. I also dislike how the jerky characters have mostly sad backstories, because this doesn't excuse their behavior. I wish PB would allow more chances to sass or even insult the jerky, sarcastic LIs.
The NB MC was a moron about all the important things. PB really did the audience a disservice in that story. Being chased by a bloodwraith for multiple chapters, and MC couldn't even take a hot second to connect the dots. "Who is the jealous boy" was just painful. Painful.
I think the ATV siblings were very poorly written. I'm hesitant to get too deep into this because it's hard to separate the character writing, slow plot and the rushed ending. I understand the MCs have to be a blank slate, to let players guide their decisions, but it just didn't work. There is a civil war going on but the MC has no opinion of either side so they are forced to ask Pax and Eos for their annoying opinions - terrible narrative choice. Pax and Eos were also so obnoxious that I hated them both and hated the sides that they supported.

I can't stand Beckett at all.
1st, being the supreme forced LI. To me he is the worst because the story doesn't require him to be forced on us (unlike Logan from ROD, Liam from TRR). Also, PB let us choose our preference at the beginning of Book 1. But what is the point of choosing only to romance female when Beckett has so many diamond scenes to the point of jeopardizing the screen time of other characters (LI or not)? Like many people have mentioned, he gets diamond scene when those scene would make much more sense with other characters.
2nd, he was actively disrupting our first lesson and we still have to believe that he is a good student who take his studies seriously? After we both got in trouble he acted all innocent. I don't know, that most definitely looks like a horrible student with attitude problem. I am speaking as a person who spends all of their academic career in the top class.
3rd, we have done nothing to earn his disdain to us. The first few scenes with him, he was rude and condescending. Just because he is extremely insecure about himself, doesn't mean he gets a free pass for treating others like crap.

Nadia Park is incredibly dramatic and overly emotional. I feel like she's an unintentional foil to the perfect match MC, in that while Kai can (optionally) take some time to adjust to the fact that he was dating an android, she gets over it quickly and nearly jeopardizes the group's safety twice when Eros is clearly baiting her with Steve. When in captivity in book 1, Kai is manipulated with Harley but is still set on saving the others while Nadia is catching marshmallows from Steve in her mouth. Other than that, she's just overly cheerful and annoying. In the truth or drink game she says that every relationship before Steve was awful, which hints that the reason she's so attached to him quickly is she doesn't know how to progress at a healthy pace in a relationship, which is a bad message for a couple that is supposed to be in an ideal relationship.
Pax is an irresponsible younger sister that lies to her older siblings and endangers her older sibling's job as a pilot by potentially sneaking a war refugee onto his ship or trying to assassinate someone with explosives. Her relationship with her siblings is unrealistic and she should never have been included from the story as she needlessly detracts from the MC's...plotline.

For Marc, I absolutely despised how abusive he was towards the MC. I always felt really uncomfortable when he was around.
For Renza, I think there’s no need to explain.
For Ajay, i never liked his arrogant comments, and didn’t understand why we are still friends with him after he treated us like shit over rumors.
For Noah, let’s leave the whole “my sister was murdered” aside please lol. I just always got “I’m a weirdo, nobody understands me” vibes from him.
For Clint, I think there’s no need to explain.

That's all for the results of "Fifty shades of Hate--survey on characters you detest the most on Choices" :)
I understand that this contains quite a lot of negativity but it would only be fair to keep the responses as original as possible. Discussions are more than welcome--just please help keep this a safe and friendly environment for discussions and respect different opinions from your fellow Choices players.
Thanks again for reading and participating!
submitted by altself_perrikin to Choices [link] [comments]

2020.03.09 23:33 Elvis_Interstellar Updated list of all known banned subreddits sorted by reason and alphabetically part 2 (unmoderated and ban evasion)

This is a second thread containing subs banned for ban evasion or for being unmoderated, as Reddit limits you to 40000 characters per post. Link to main thread
Ban or quarantine evasion:
* Ban time and reason changed during the purge of subs containing the word 'nigga' or 'nigger'
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2020.02.25 16:48 dp517 Verdict Results (3.28)

William Black vs. Drake Harrison - First Blood, Nemesis Championship
Drake Harrison proved his moxie in this match, as he was the one to make William bleed first. He retains his championship, and now goes on to face Bryan in a marquee match at Battle Lines 3, in just 4 weeks
Holly Queen vs. Marilyn Benson - 2/3 falls, Nemesis Womens Championship
In what was one intense rematch, Benson and Holly took the fight to each other like never before, and finally put their beef to bed. Holly ended up walking out the winner and still Nemesis champion, but not without dropping a fall to Benson in the process.
Sarah Price vs. Roxx - Openweight Title
Sarah Price is just one fighter who will not stay down, no matter the challenge. In a fight many thought was going to be an absolute mauling, Sarah Price managed to still defeat the giant and continue her legacy as Openweight champion.
Alexander vs. Jon Spartacus - TLC - Winner is Nemesis team captain at Battle Lines 3
Alexander made the challenge, and he was defeated. Jon Spartacus for the 2nd year in a row will lead team Nemesis, and for the 3rd year in a row will be included in the match. Can Jon make his BL record 2-1 and take Nemesis to victory?
Bryan vs. TJ Black - #1 contender to Nemesis Title
Bryan has finally put his demon behind him, and he earned a Nemesis Championship match in the process. Bryan has a date with destiny at Battle Lines 3
Womens leader match - Scout Mackenzie vs. Amber Arcade
In a match where the two most voted superstars went at it to become the leader for the womens team at Battle Lines, Scout Mackenzie proved she wasn't losing a step. Amber put up a massive fight, but again, it wasn't enough. Scout is leading Nemesis into war this year.
Ryan Quinn vs. Connor Gates (People’s vote) - Twitch Championship
Connor Gates was chosen by the people, and he shocked the world. After two back to back Code Bled's, he put down Quinn for good and managed to capture his first singles Championship in 3 years of being a CWL competitor. The time is now, and its going down in flames.
Ash Carter vs. Noel Park
Ash Carter finally got her first win, and it couldn't have come at a better time. She is now being presented with a #1 contender match against Kaylee Madison to try and challenge for the Openweight Championship. The division sure is one of the hottest in the world, and this showdown promises to do the same.
The Tornado vs. Sicario
Sicario is back on top once again, and with all the momentum at his side, what does the leader of the longest running faction in CWL have up his sleeve for Battle Lines?
Kaylee Madison vs. Riley Reeves
With a big win here, Kaylee Madison has been promised a #1 contender match at the Openweight Championship. Who will she face?
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2020.02.14 19:30 hhhfan92297 Re-Booking Every WWE PPV From WrestleMania I - WrestleMania XXXVI (Part 27)

Royal Rumble 2000:
Date: January 23rd, 2000
Venue: Madison Square Garden
City: New York, NY
Attendance: 19,231
1- Intercontinental Championship Match: Chris Jericho © def. Val Venis
2- WWF Tag Team Championship Match: New Age Outlaws © def. The Acolytes
3- Tazz def. Kurt Angle
4- The Hardy Boyz def. The Dudley Boyz - Tables Match
5- Women's Championship Match: Kat def. Ivory ©
6- Street Fight for the WWF Championship: Triple H © (w/ Stephanie McMahon) def. Cactus Jack
7- 30-Man Royal Rumble Match: The Rock (#24) wins last eliminating Big Show (#26)
(Final Four: The Rock, Kane, Big Show, & X-Pac)
WWF No Way Out 2000:
Date: February 27th, 2000
Venue: Hartford Civic Centre
City: Hartford, Connecticut
Attendance: 12,551
1- Edge & Christian vs The Hardy Boyz - #1 Contender's Match for the WWF Tag Team Championship ends in a no contest
2- Intercontinental Championship Match: Kurt Angle def. Chris Jericho ©
3- D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry def. Big Boss Man & Prince Albert
4- European Championship Match: Eddie Guerrero © (w/ The Radicalz) def. Rikishi (w/ Too Cool & Chyna)
5- The Rock def. Big Show - #1 Contender's Match for the WWF Championship
6- WWF Tag Team Championship Match: The Dudley Boyz def. New Age Outlaws ©
7- X-Pac (w/ Tori) def. Kane - No DQ Match
8- Hell in a Cell Match for the WWF Championship: Triple H © (w/ Stephanie McMahon) def. Cactus Jack; If Cactus Jack loses, he will officially retire from the WWF.
WrestleMania 2000:
Date: April 2nd, 2000
Venue: Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim
City: Anaheim, California
Attendance: 19,776
1- D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry def. Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan
2- Light Heavyweight Championship Match: Dean Malenko © (w/ Perry Saturn) def. Taka Michinoku (w/ Funaki)
3- Tazz def. Road Dogg
4- European Championship Match: Eddie Guerrero © def. Chyna; If Eddie Guerrero wins, he gets to take Chyna out on a date.
5- Hardcore Championship Match: Hardcore Holly def. Crash Holly ©
6- Big Show def. Rikishi
7- Triple Threat Triangle Ladder Match for the WWF Tag Team Championship: Edge & Christian def. The Hardy Boyz & The Dudley Boyz ©
8- Evening Gown Challenge for the Women's Championship: Kat © (w/ Mae Young) def. Terri Runnels (w/ The Fabulous Moolah) w/ Val Venis as the Special Guest Referee
9- Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Chris Benoit def. Kurt Angle © & Chris Jericho
10- Kane def. X-Pac (w/ Tori) - Inferno Match
11- No DQ Match for the WWF Championship: The Rock (w/ Vince McMahon) def. Triple H © (w/ Stephanie McMahon & Shane McMahon) w/ Mick Foley as the Special Guest Referee
(Vince McMahon turns on The Rock in the last minute but The Rock still manages to overcome the odds thanks to Mick Foley & the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin)
submitted by hhhfan92297 to fantasybooking [link] [comments]

2020.01.22 14:16 Goldd96 Seeing as the Rumble is fast approaching, last year I compiled a list of all 12 "Forgotten" Royal Rumbles that occured on either Raw, Smackdown or House Shows! Along with Royal Rumble's from WCW Thunder in 2000 & ECW in 1996 for anybody interested. Links to all are included!

Hi all! The Royal Rumble is by far my favourite match in WWE, and I often see these lists floating around in YouTube videos about "Forgotten Royal Rumble Matches" — but I've never seen one actually list all of them before. So I thought I'd take it upon myself to complete this list properly, and add links for all of them in the best quality that I could find. I posted this list last year, but figured in case anybody missed this last time I'd post it again.
I've also done up an entry list and trivia section for each Rumble for fun. Did you know that while Bastion Booger & Skull were attacked before their only official Royal Rumble matches and never made it in, they both actually did compete in Royal Rumble matches under those gimmicks? Did you also know that Bastion Booger technically has three eliminations in a Royal Rumble match? Now you do! I've also included a Royal Rumble match that aired on Thunder in 2000 as a bonus right at the bottom. Note that this WCW Rumble is perhaps one of the sloppiest matches I've ever seen.
While I don't think I've missed any matches, I'd be more than happy to learn about any Rumble matches that somehow aren't on here. The only absent matches on this list are the two Royal Rumble matches run in 1987 as a trial at House Shows. Unfortunately no footage of these matches exist however, so I chose not to include them.
There are also a few over the top rope gauntlet matches in that, two people squared off, and once someone was eliminated another person would come in. I made the ruling that these matches don't technically count as Royal Rumbles.
Anyway, enjoy! And apologies for the loooong post:
30-Man Royal Rumble
Madison Square Garden — New York, NY
House Show: January 19th, 1994


  • This is the only Royal Rumble appearances for Mike Sharpe, Jimmy Powers, Bastion Booger, & Scott Putski.
  • This is the first Royal Rumble appearances for Diesel, Mo, The 1-2-3 Kid, Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, Johnny Polo (Raven), Bam Bam Bigelow, Adam Bomb, Crush, Mabel, Bart Gunn & Doink The Clown.
  • With 9 Eliminations, Crush sets the then all-time record for most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble match.
  • Sgt. Slaughter becomes possibly(?) the first ever "surprise" entrant with his appearance in this match.
  • This is the last Royal Rumble appearance for Sgt. Slaughter.
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated By Elimination(s)
1 Diesel 5 Randy Savage 3
2 Mo 1 Diesel 0
3 Butch 2 Diesel 0
4 The 1-2-3 Kid 3 Diesel 0
5 Scott Steiner 8 Crush 2
6 Mike Sharpe 4 Scott Steiner 0
7 Samu 17 Luke 3
8 Bob Backlund 15 Bastion Booger, Crush & Samu 0
9 Jeff Jarrett 6 Randy Savage 0
10 Virgil 13 Bastion Booger, Crush & Samu 0
11 Bam Bam Bigelow 10 Crush 0
12 Randy Savage 9 Crush 2
13 Adam Bomb 7 Scott Steiner & Sgt. Slaughter 0
14 Sgt. Slaughter 11 Crush 1
15 Crush 19 Bret Hart 9
16 Mabel 14 Bastion Booger, Crush & Samu 1
17 Jimmy Powers 12 Mabel 0
18 Bastion Booger 16 Crush 3
19 Luke 18 Crush 1
20 Owen Hart - WINNER 2
21 Rick Martel 23 Irwin R. Schyster 0
22 Bret Hart 27 Shawn Michaels 2
23 Irwin R. Schyster 26 Bret Hart 1
24 Johnny Polo (Raven) 21 Owen Hart 0
25 Scott Putski 22 Fatu 0
26 Fatu 29 Owen Hart 2
27 Marty Jannetty 20 Shawn Michaels 0
28 Bart Gunn 24 Doink The Clown 0
29 Shawn Michaels 28 Fatu 2
30 Doink The Clown 25 Shawn Michaels 1
18-Man Royal Rumble
Castle Hall — Osaka, Japan
House Show: May 9th, 1994


  • This is the only Royal Rumble appearances for Masashi Aoyagi & Nobukazu Hirai.
  • This is the first Royal Rumble appearance for Jinsei Shinzaki (Hakushi).
  • This is the last Royal Rumble appearance for Adam Bomb, Bam Bam Bigelow, Randy Savage, Samu & Doink The Clown.
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated By Elimination(s)
1 Rick Martel 7 The Undertaker 1
2 Bob Backlund 11 Owen Hart 1
3 Jinsei Shinzaki (Hakushi) 2 The 1-2-3 Kid 0
4 Adam Bomb 9 Bret Hart 1
5 The 1-2-3 Kid 6 Owen Hart & Samu 1
6 Masashi Aoyagi 1 Bob Backlund 0
7 Tatanka 10 Bam Bam Bigelow 0
8 Billy Gunn 4 Randy Savage 0
9 Nobukazu Hirai 3 Rick Martel 0
10 Bart Gunn 5 Bam Bam Bigelow 0
11 Owen Hart 13 Bret Hart 3
12 Bam Bam Bigelow 17 The Undertaker 2
13 Randy Savage 15 Samu 1
14 Samu 16 Bam Bam Bigelow 2
15 The Undertaker - WINNER 3
16 Fatu 14 The Undertaker 0
17 Bret Hart 12 Owen Hart 2
18 Doink The Clown 8 Adam Bomb 0
20-Man Tag Team Royal Rumble
Freeman Collesium — San Antonio, TX
RAW is WAR: June 15, 1998



  • This is the only Royal Rumble appearance for Taka Michinoku.
  • This is the first Royal Rumble appearance for Kane, Kurrgan, Brian Christopher (Grand Master Sexay) & Scott Taylor (Scotty 2 Hotty).
  • This is the last Royal Rumble appearance for Hawk, Bart Gunn, 8-Ball, Skull, Scorpio & Terry Funk.
  • This Royal Rumble marks the second time someone has won from the #1 or #2 entries.
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated By Elimination(s)
1 Animal 8 Kane 2
- Hawk - - 0
2 Kane - WINNER 4
- Mankind - WINNER 2
3 Bodacious Bart (Bart Gunn) 1 Kane 0
- Bombastic Bob (Bob Holly) - - 0
4 Mosh 6 Kane 0
- Thrasher - - 1
5 8-Ball 2 Animal 0
- Skull - - 0
6 Golga - - 0
- Kurrgan 3 Scorpio & Terry Funk 0
7 Brian Christopher 5 Thrasher 0
- Scott Taylor - - 0
8 Faarooq - - 0
- Steve Blackman 7 Animal 0
9 Bradshaw - - 0
- Taka Michinoku 4 Mankind 0
10 Scorpio (Flash Funk) - - 1
- Terry Funk 9 Kane & Mankind 1
10-Man "Corporate" Royal Rumble
Compaq Centre — Houston, TX
RAW is WAR: January 11, 1999



  • This is the first Royal Rumble appearance for Test, Mr. McMahon & Chyna.
  • This is the first Royal Rumble where someone from the last entry position won.
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated By Elimination(s)
1 Ken Shamrock 1 Ken Shamrock 1
2 Billy Gunn 2 Test 0
3 Big Boss Man 7 Mr. McMahon 1
4 Test 4 Kane 1
5 X-Pac 6 Big Boss Man 0
6 Road Dogg 3 Kane 0
7 Kane 5 Triple H 2
8 Triple H 8 Mr. McMahon
9 Mr. McMahon 9 Chyna 2
10 Chyna - WINNER 1
5-Man Royal Rumble
Thomas & Mack Centre — Las Vegas, NV
SmackDown!: September 16, 1999



  • This is the first Royal Rumble appearance for The Big Show.
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated By Elimination(s)
1 The Rock 4 The Undertaker 1
2 The Big Show 3 The Undertaker 0
3 Mankind 2 The Rock 1
4 Kane 1 Mankind 0
5 The Undertaker - WINNER 2
4-Man "F.B.I." Royal Rumble
Von Braun Centre — Hunstville, AL
SmackDown!: January 8th, 2004


  • This is the only Royal Rumble appearance for Johnny Stamboli.
  • This is the first Royal Rumble appearance for Chris Benoit & Nunzio (not counting the ECW Rumble posted below).
  • This is tied for the smallest Royal Rumble in WWE history.
  • This Royal Rumble marks the fourth time someone has won from the #1 or #2 entries.
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated By Elimination(s)
1 Chris Benoit - WINNER 3
2 Johnny Stamboli 1 Chris Benoit 0
3 Chuck Palumbo 3 Chris Benoit 0
4 Nunzio 2 Chris Benoit 0
15-Man Royal Rumble
M.C.I. Centre — Washington, D.C.
SmackDown!: January 28th, 2004



  • This is the last Royal Rumble appearance for The Cat, Tajiri, Billy Gunn, Nunzio & Rikishi.
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated By Elimination(s)
1 Kurt Angle 14 Eddie Guerrero 6
2 Rhyno 5 Kurt Angle 0
3 Charlie Haas 9 Eddie Guerrero 1
4 Shelton Benjamin 10 Kurt Angle 0
5 Bradshaw 3 The Big Show 0
6 The Cat 1 Kurt Angle 0
7 Tajiri 2 The Big Show 0
8 Billy Gunn 12 Eddie Guerrero 1
9 The Big Show 8 Billy Gunn, Charlie Haas, Eddie Guerrero, Hardcore Holly, John Cena, Kurt Angle, Rikishi 3
10 John Cena 7 The Big Show 2
11 Nunzio 4 John Cena 0
12 A-Train 6 Eddie Guerrero 0
13 Eddie Guerrero - WINNER 6
14 Rikishi 13 Eddie Guerrero & Kurt Angle 1
15 Hardcore Holly 11 Kurt Angle 1
7-Man Royal Rumble
Cajundome — Lafayette, LA
Raw: January 22, 2007


  • This is the only Royal Rumble appearance for Lance Cade.
  • This is the first Royal Rumble appearance The Great Khali.
  • Rather than a countdown timer, the participants were called out at Jonathan Coachman's discretion. Debatable whether you want to refer to this as an official Royal Rumble, but I thought it was best to include it.
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated By Elimination(s)
1 John Cena 6 The Great Khali 1
2 Lance Cade 4 The Great Khali 0
- Trevor Murdoch 1 John Cena 0
3 Charlie Haas 3 The Great Khali 0
- Shelton Benjamin 2 The Great Khali 0
4 Viscera 5 The Great Khali 0
5 The Great Khali - WINNER 5
6-Man "Mini" Royal Rumble
Alabama Civic Centre — Mobile, AL
Raw: January 14, 2008


  • This is the only Royal Rumble appearances for the wrestlers who played fake versions of "Mr. Kennedy", "Mankind", "Bastista" & "Kane".
  • This is the first Royal Rumble appearance for Hornswoggle.
  • This Royal Rumble marks the seventh time someone has won from the #1 or #2 entries.
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated By Elimination(s)
1 Hornswoggle - WINNER 4
2 "Mr. Kennedy" 2 Hornswoggle 0
3 "Mankind" 1 Hornswoggle 0
4 "Batista" 3 Hornswoggle 0
5 "Kane" 4 Hornswoggle 0
6 The Great Khali 5 Finlay 0
4-Man Royal Rumble Exhibition
U.S. Bank Arena — Cincinatti, OH
SmackDown!: January 28th, 2011


  • This is the only Royal Rumble appearances for Seth Allen & Mike Stevens.
  • This is the first Royal Rumble appearance for Alberto Del Rio
  • This is tied for the smallest Royal Rumble in WWE history.
  • This is the only Royal Rumble match to end in a no contest due to interference.
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated By Elimination(s)
1 Alberto Del Rio 4 Kofi Kingston 2
2 Seth Allen 1 Alberto Del Rio 0
3 Mike Stevens 2 Alberto Del Rio 0
4 Kane 3 Kofi Kingston 0
7-Man Royal Rumble
Dunkin' Donuts Arena — Providence, RI
Raw: January 31st, 2011



  • This is the last Royal Rumble appearance for John Morrison.
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated By Elimination(s)
1 John Morrison 4 King Sheamus 0
2 King Sheamus 6 John Cena 1
3 John Cena 5 Jerry Lawler 2
4 CM Punk 1 Randy Orton 0
5 R-Truth 3 John Cena 1
6 Jerry Lawler - WINNER 1
7 Randy Orton 2 R-Truth 1
KFC Colonel Royal Rumble
Laredo Energy Arena — Laredo, TX
SmackDown! (Dark Match): January 16, 2018



  • This is the last Royal Rumble appearance to date for AJ Styles.
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated By Elimination(s)
1 Rusev 8 AJ Styles 3
2 The Miz 7 AJ Styles 2
3 Titus O'Neill 2 Rusev 0
4 Heath Slater 3 Rusev & The Miz 0
5 Mojo Rawley 1 The Miz 0
6 Fandango 5 Tyler Breeze 0
7 Tyler Breeze 7 The Miz 1
8 Goldust 6 Rusev 0
9 AJ Styles - WINNER 2
28-Man "Countdown To Armageddon" Battle Royal
Rod Laver Arena — Melbourne, Australia
Thunder: October 18th, 2000


  • This is the only Royal Rumble appearances for Mike Sanders, Shawn Stasiak, Disqo, Alex Wright, Crowbar, David Flair, Cpl. Cajun, Kwee Wee, Mike Awesome, Sting, Kidman, Big Vito, Sean O'Haire, Konnan.
  • This is the first Royal Rumble appearance for The Cat, Chuck Palumbo, Lt. Loco (Chavo Guerrero), Rey Mysterio Jr., Booker T, Lance Storm & Mark Jindrak.
  • This is the last Royal Rumble appearance for Ron Harris, Don Harris, Brian Adams & Bryan Clark.
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated By Elimination(s)
1 Mike Sanders 3 The Cat 0
2 The Cat 4 Kevin Nash 0
3 Shawn Stasiak 11 Shawn Stasiak 2
4 Chuck Palumbo 10 Shawn Stasiak 2
5 Disqo 6 Kevin Nash 0
6 Alex Wright 7 Kevin Nash 1
7 Crowbar 5 Alex Wright 0
8 Ron Harris 8 Chuck Palumbo 0
9 Don Harris 9 Chuck Palumbo 0
10 Jim Duggan 2 Kevin Nash 0
11 Lt. Loco (Chavo Guerrero) 1 Kevin Nash 0
12 Kevin Nash 15 Booker T, Mike Awesome, Rey Mysterio Jr. Sting 9
13 David Flair 12 Kevin Nash 0
14 Cpl. Cajun 13 Kevin Nash 0
15 Kwee Wee 14 Kevin Nash 0
16 Rey Mysterio Jr. 20 Konnan 2
17 Booker T 18 Mike Awesome 1
18 Mike Awesome - WINNER 4
19 Sting 16 Jeff Jarrett 2
20 Jeff Jarrett 17 Sting 1
21 Kidman 19 Brian Adams 0
22 Lance Storm 23 Mike Awesome 0
23 Big Vito 23 Bryan Clark 0
24 Sean O'Haire 25 Mark Jindrak 1
25 Mark Jindrak 24 Sean O'Haire 1
26 Konnan 21 Bryan Clark 1
27 Brian Adams 27 Goldberg & Mike Awesome 1
28 Bryan Clark 26 Goldberg 2
ECW King of The Hill Battle Royal
ECW Arena — Philadelphia, PY
ECW Hardcore TV: December 24, 1996


  • This is the only Royal Rumble appearances for John Kronus, Mustafa Saed, New Jack, Balls Mahoney, Spike Dudley, Chris Candido, Brian Lee, Douglas, D-Von Dudley, Louie Spicolli & Big Stevie Cool (Steven Richards).
  • This is the first Royal Rumble appearance for Sabu, Perry Saturn, Rob Van Dam, Little Guido, Buh Buh Ray Dudley, Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, Hollywood Nova (Simon Dean) & The Blue Meanie.
  • This is technically the second time a competitor has won from the #1 or #2 entry, but since this isn't under the WWE banner I won't count it.
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated By Elimination(s)
1 Sabu - WINNER 1
2 John Kronus 7 Chris Candido 2
- Perry Saturn 9 Tommy Dreamer 3
3 Mustafa Saed 1 John Kronus & Perry Saturn 0
- New Jack 2 John Kronus & Perry Saturn 0
4 Rob Van Dam 5 Buh Buh Ray Dudley 0
5 Balls Mahoney 6 Buh Buh Ray Dudley 0
6 Spike Dudley 3 Perry Saturn 0
7 Little Guido 4 Buh Buh Ray Dudley 0
8 Buh Buh Ray Dudley 8 Brian Lee 3
9 Chris Candido 10 Louie Spicolli 1
10 Brian Lee 18 Sabu 7
11 Douglas 8 Douglas 1
12 Tommy Dreamer 11 Brian Lee 1
13 D-Von Dudley 13 Big Stevie Cool 0
14 The Sandman 17 Brian Lee 0
15 Louie Spicolli 12 Brian Lee 1
16 Big Stevie Cool 16 Brian Lee 1
- Hollywood Nova 15 Brian Lee 0
- The Blue Meanie 14 Brian Lee 0
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2019.12.12 21:11 rollotomasi07071 NJ weekend events for Dec. 13-15, 2019. Add more to the comments

NJ official tourism dept's guide to activities, attractions, events, historical sites, and more
Top 20 NJ arts events of the week: Darlene Love, Pipes of Christmas, Jerry Douglas, more
2019 New Jersey holiday light guide
25+ festive holiday events in South Jersey
NJ beer and wine events for December 2019
15+ NJ foodie events for December 2019
30 free things to do in NJ in December
NJ Art / Comedy / Dance / Family / Film / Music / Theater calendars
More family events for the kiddies
Full listing of NJ stage & theater events
Ticket on-sale dates for new concerts and shows in NJ
(Links for the following events can be found here)
  • December 13 – The Barron Arts Center’s Annual Holiday Concert Featuring “The Jazz Lobsters Big Band (Woodbridge, Middlesex County)
  • December 13 – Collingswood’s Holly Jolly Trolley Lights Tour (Collingswood, Camden County)
  • December 13 – Cabernet and Carols at Laurita! (New Egypt, Ocean County)
  • December 13 – The Wag’s Christmas Spectacular (New Egypt, Ocean County)
  • December 13 – 7th Annual Cranford SantaCon (Cranford, Union County)
  • December 13 – Free Holiday Movies at the Paramout Theater (Asbury Park, Monmouth County)
  • December 13 – 14 – Christmas with Cheer (Jersey City, Hudson County)
  • December 14 – Duel of the Decades: 90s vs Y2K (Montclair, Essex County)
  • December 14 – A Christmas Carol: The Story of Ebenezer Scrooge (West Milford, Passaic County)
  • December 14 – EMG Dance Studios Presents Its First Annual Holiday Show (Demarest, Bergen County)
  • December 14 – Museum of Early Trades and Crafts’s Gingerbread House Workshop (Madison, Morris County)
  • December 14 – Boots and Blazers Cocktail Tasting and Day Party (Highland Park, Middlesex County)
  • December 14 – Downtown Somerville Holiday Spirits Pub Crawl 2019 (Somerville, Somerset County)
  • December 14 – Pitman Winter Village 2019 (Pitman, Gloucester County)
  • December 14 – HCCC Holiday Event AND Online Pop Up Shop (Jersey City, Hudson County)
  • December 14 – National Wreaths across America Day (Hackettstown, Warren County)
  • December 14 – Decorative Holiday Centerpiece Workshop with Pam Mount (Princeton, Mercer County)
  • December 14 – Kiddie Academy Holiday Open House (Allentown, Monmouth County)
  • December 14 – WIVES WHO LOVE TO BRUNCH AND PRAY (Parsippany, Morris County)
  • December 14 – CNHS Jingle Bell 5K (Colts Neck, Monmouth County)
  • December 14 – St. Thomas the Apostle Byzantine Catholic Church Holiday Market and Craft Sale (Rahway, Union County)
  • December 14 & 15 – Asbury Park Holiday Bazaar (Asbury Park, Monmouth County)
  • December 14 & 15 – The 3rd Annual Marketspace at Westfield (Westfield, Union County)
  • December 14 & 15 – Valenzano Winery’s Holly Jolly Weekend (Shamong, Burlington County)
  • December 14 & 15 – The Christmas Light Show (Wall Twp, Monmouth County)
  • December 14 & 15 – 62nd Annual Model Railroad Show (North Haledon, Passaic County)
  • December 15 – Metuchen Cookie Walk (Metuchen, Middlesex County)
  • December 15 – ‘Winter Wonderland Run (Highlands, Monmouth County)
  • December 15 – Family Winter Hike at the NJ Botanical Gardens (Ringwood, Bergen County)
  • December 15 – Tours of the Crane House & Historic YWCA and The Shultz House (Montclair, Essex County)
  • December 15 – NBCHS Holiday Craft Fair (Columbus, Burlington County)
  • December 15 – Ugly Christmas Sweater Poetry Event (Edison, Middlesex County)
  • December 15 – Harry Potter Party Jersey City (Jersey City, Hudson County)
  • December 15 – Murder Mystery Dinner at Four Sisters Winery (Belvidere, Warren County)
  • December 15 – METC Architecture Tour (Madison, Morris County)
  • December 15 – 2019 Holiday Hackathon (Hillsborough, Somerset County)
Winter Events from Dec. 18th until March 20th are here
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2019.11.17 20:21 hhhfan92297 Re-Booking Every WWE PPV From WrestleMania I - WrestleMania XXXVI (Part 10)

Royal Rumble 1994:
Date: January 22nd, 1994
Venue: Providence Civic Centre
City: Providence, Rhode Island
Attendance: 14,500
1- WWF Tag Team Championship Match: The Quebecers © (w/ Johnny Polo) def. Bret "Hitman" Hart & Owen Hart
2- Intercontinental Championship Match: Razor Ramon © def. Bam Bam Bigelow
3- Reinstated Women's Championship Match: Alundra Blayze def. Heidi Lee Morgan
4- WWF Championship Match: Yokozuna © (w/ Mr. Fuji) def. The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer)
5- 30-Man Royal Rumble Match: Bret "Hitman" Hart & Lex Luger co-win the Royal Rumble Match
(Final Four: Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Lex Luger, & Bam Bam Bigelow)
WrestleMania X: Ten Years In The Making
Date: March 20th, 1994
Venue: Madison Square Garden
City: New York, NY
Attendance: 18,065
1- Owen Hart def. Bret "Hitman" Hart
2- WWF Championship Match: Lex Luger def. Yokozuna © (w/ Mr. Fuji)
3- Jeff Jarrett, Rick "The Model" Martel, Irwin R. Schyster, Samu, & Fatu def. Billy Gunn, Bart Gunn, Tatanka, Bob Holly, & 1-2-3 Kid
4- Bam Bam Bigelow def. Earthquake
5- WWF Tag Team Championship Match: Men on a Mission def. The Quebecers © (w/ Johnny Polo)
6- Adam Bomb def. Doink The Clown
7- Women's Championship Match: Luna Vachon def. Alundra Blayze ©
8- Jerry "The King" Lawler def. Bob Backlund
9- Ladder Match for the Undisputed Intercontinental Championship: Razor Ramon © def. Shawn Michaels © (w/ Diesel)
10 WWF Championship Match: Bret "Hitman" Hart def. Lex Luger ©
King of the Ring 1994:
Date: June 19th, 1994
Venue: Baltimore Arena
City: Baltimore, Maryland
Attendance: 12,000
1- KOTR Quarter-Finals Match: Owen Hart def. Billy Gunn (w/ Bart Gunn)
2- KOTR Quarter-Finals Match: Bam Bam Bigelow def. 1-2-3 Kid
3- Women's Championship Match: Alundra Blayze def. Luna Vachon ©
4- KOTR Quarter Finals Match: Razor Ramon def. Irwin R. Schyster
5- KOTR Quarter-Finals Match: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper def. Jeff Jarrett
6- WWF Tag Team Championship Match: Shawn Michaels & Diesel def. Men on a Mission ©
7- KOTR Semi-Finals Match: Razor Ramon def. Bam Bam Bigelow
8- KOTR Semi-Finals Match: Owen Hart def. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper
9- WWF Championship Match: Bret "Hitman" Hart © def. Jerry "The King" Lawler
10- KOTR Final Match: Owen Hart def. Razor Ramon
Summerslam 1994:
Date: August 29th, 1994
Venue: United Center
City: Chicago, Illinois
Attendance: 23,000
1- Intercontinental Championship Match: Razor Ramon © def. Jerry "The King" Lawler
2- Tatanka def. Lex Luger
3- Women's Championship Match: Alundra Blayze © def. Bull Nakano (w/ Luna Vachon)
4- 1-2-3 Kid def. Jeff Jarrett
5- Bam Bam Bigelow (w/ Ted Dibiase) def. Bob Backlund
6- WWF Tag Team Championship Match: Shawn Michaels & Diesel © def. The Smoking Gunns
7- The Headshrinkers def. Irwin R. Schyster & Nikolai Volkoff (w/ Ted Dibiase)
8- Steel Cage Match for the WWF Championship: Owen Hart def. Bret "Hitman" Hart ©
Survivor Series 1994:
Date: November 23rd, 1994
Venue: Freeman Coliseum
City: San Antonio, Texas
Attendance: 12,000
1- The Bad Guys (Razor Ramon, 1-2-3 Kid, Fatu, & Sione) def. The Teamsters (Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Jeff Jarrett, & Jerry "The King" Lawler)
(Sole Survivor: Razor Ramon)
2- Women's Championship Match: Bull Nakano def. Alundra Blayze ©
3- The Million Dollar Team (Bam Bam Bigelow, King Kong Bundy, Tatanka, & Rick Martel) (w/ Ted Dibiase) def. The Total Packages (Lex Luger, Mabel, Mo, & Adam Bomb)
(Sole Survivors: Bam Bam Bigelow, Tatanka, & King Kong Bundy)
4- The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) def. Yokozuna (w/ Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette) - Casket Match
5- The Hitmen (Bret "Hitman" Hart, British Bulldog, Billy Gunn, Bart Gunn, & Doink The Clown) def. The Hart Rebellion (Owen Hart, Jim "Anvil" Neidhart, Bob Backlund, Jim Del Rey, & Tom Prichard)
(Sole Survivors: Bret Hart & Billy Gunn)
Get ready for the next part. Because that's when the monthly PPV's will start. It's gonna be exhausting & tiring. But I will get to part 11 hopefully soon. But until then, let me know what you think & I hope you guys enjoy it.
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2019.11.11 11:47 TheFailedONE Can't Pay the Medical Bill? Your Hospital May Take You to Court


Can't Pay the Medical Bill? Your Hospital May Take You to Court

📷 Sarah Kliff,The New York Times 12 hours ago
WISE, Va. — When a judge hears civil cases at the courthouse in this southwest Virginia town two days a month, many of the lawsuits have a common plaintiff: the local hospital, Ballad Health, suing patients over unpaid medical bills.
On a Thursday in August, 102 of the 160 cases on the docket were brought by Ballad. Among the defendants were a schoolteacher, a correctional officer, a stay-at-home mother and even a Ballad employee — all of whom had private insurance but were still responsible for a large share of their bill, the result of large deductibles and copayments.
Ballad, which operates the only hospital in Wise County and 20 others in Virginia and Tennessee, filed more than 6,700 medical debt lawsuits against patients last year. Ballad’s hospitals have brought at least 44,000 lawsuits since 2009, typically increasing the volume each year.
In nearly all such cases, the hospitals prevail. Only about a dozen patients showed up for the August court date in Wise, hoping to work out a payment plan or contest the claims.
“There is this new group of people who, on paper, look like they should be able to afford their bills,” said Craig Antico, founder of the nonprofit RIP Medical Debt, which buys and forgives outstanding bills. “They’re middle-class; they have relatively good credit ratings; they’re not transient. But they have these big deductibles, and they can’t afford their bills.”
From Delaware to Oregon, hospitals across the country are increasingly suing patients for unpaid bills, a step many institutions were long unwilling to take.
In some places, major hospitals now file hundreds or even thousands of lawsuits annually. Those cases strain court systems and often end in wage garnishments for patients.
In Milwaukee, for example, a nonprofit children’s hospital has sued 1,101 patients since the beginning of 2018 — more cases than it brought in the entire previous decade. The city’s only top-level trauma center filed 2,074 suits last year, more than double the prior year’s number.
And some of the country’s most prominent academic hospitals, including Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and NewYork-Presbyterian, also have sued more patients in recent years.
The hospitals say that they are turning to the courts more frequently as deductibles rise and patients owe more but that this practice affects a small fraction of their patients. They defend the suits as necessary to recouping outstanding bills and keeping health systems afloat. “We’re only pursuing patients who have the means to pay but choose not to pay,” said Anthony Keck, vice president for system innovation at Ballad Health.
But patient and consumer advocates say hospitals are making faulty assumptions about insured patients’ ability to pay. They also argue that the lawsuits and wage garnishments hit middle- and low-income populations, who struggle to keep up with the lost income. A cashier at a Providence Health hospital in Oregon reported having wages garnished for outstanding medical debt to her own employer. For one paycheck for 80 hours of work, she took home 54 cents after a garnishment and other deductions.
Wage seizures have led patients to sign up for public assistance programs, fall behind on bills, give up their insurance and take on credit card debt, according to interviews.
“I know I owe it, which is fine, and of course I want to pay it,” said Amanda Sturgill, 41, whom Ballad took to court. “It just seems like they want their money no matter what my situation is.”
Sturgill earns $12.70 an hour and gets health benefits working full time as an order processor for an audio equipment manufacturer. She is going through a divorce and supports four children.
Ballad sued her in June over $2,498 in outstanding debt for her teenage daughter’s back surgery. Sturgill set up a $150-a-month payment plan but often struggles to come up with the money.
“Sometimes, if I’m getting close to the payment date and don’t have the money, I’ll go to the flea market and sell some of my things,” she said. “We get by on a lot of cheap soup beans and sandwiches. It terrifies me because I don’t know what they’ll do if I fall behind.”
This type of medical debt collection has come under increased scrutiny from judges and state lawmakers. New York is considering legislation that would significantly reduce the statute of limitations on medical debt. Connecticut may reform its system to make it easier for patients, who rarely have legal representation, to navigate.
Some hospitals that have drawn media attention for suing large numbers of patients, including one nonprofit health system in Memphis, Tennessee, and another owned by the University of Virginia, have sharply reduced their use of medical debt litigation.
Others are ramping up the practice, often to patients’ surprise. “I am used to hospitals sending collection notices,” Sturgill said. “But I am not used to a sheriff coming to my door to deliver a court summons.”
A ‘Whole New Bucket’ of Debt
Over a decade ago, hospital executives could safely assume that patients with health insurance probably could pay their medical bills. In 2006, only about half of employer-sponsored health plans involved a deductible that workers had to pay out of pocket before their coverage would kick in, according to the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation.
Today, 82% of employers’ health plans have a deductible, and the average amount has nearly tripled, to $1,655 from $584. Low-wage workers are more likely to be offered high-deductible insurance, which is less expensive for employers.
Soaring costs are also common for those who buy their own coverage. Plans sold through the Affordable Care Act marketplace can have high caps on out-of-pocket spending: as much as $8,200 for an individual in 2020 and $16,400 for a family.
“There are some people who bought their own insurance and simply didn’t understand the limits of what they were paying for,” said Jessica Roulette, a lawyer with Legal Action of Wisconsin. “We see medical debt collection against people who have purchased marketplace plans that don’t seem to cover a whole lot.”
Nonprofit hospitals are obligated to provide charity care and other financial assistance but aren’t required to screen patients to determine their need. An insured person may have a low enough income to qualify, but a hospital is unlikely to check, industry experts say.
“There’s been an assumption that if you have insurance, you have the ability to pay,” said James McHugh, a managing director at health consulting firm Navigant. “But that’s not necessarily true anymore. There is this whole new bucket of patient debt, and hospitals aren’t sure how to deal with it.”
That means more lawsuits from places like Children’s Wisconsin, a nonprofit once known as Children’s Free Hospital. It filed 23 medical debt lawsuits in 2014 and 108 in 2015. Last year, it brought 671.
Children’s sued last year for amounts ranging from $46 ($270, with court fees) to $20,606. This year it has garnished the wages of workers at McDonald’s and Walmart, and of its own employees. Among them is Holly Edwards, a McDonald’s manager and single mother in Milwaukee who fell behind on payments for her 4-year-old’s $2,242 emergency room visit.
“It’s not that we’re choosing not to pay, but there are other bills,” said Edwards, 43. “My daughter has to eat, and if it’s choosing between that or paying a doctor bill, I’m going to choose her.”
Edwards was making $300 monthly payments to the hospital. But after some unanticipated expenses — a $450 exterminator bill for bedbugs was a big setback — she began sending smaller amounts, she said, acknowledging that she had not first cleared the lower payments with Children’s.
The hospital took her to court last fall and recently began garnishing a quarter of her wages: $420 from her biweekly paycheck.
Edwards worked 14-hour shifts to make up for the lost income but still fell behind on her mortgage.
“It makes you think twice about going to the doctor,” she said. “I haven’t been feeling well for a couple of months; there’s something wrong with my stomach, and everyone is like, ‘Go in, go in.’ But I just can’t. There will be more doctor bills.”
The children’s hospital cited two factors driving up its litigation: higher deductibles and a growing patient population. It says the lawsuits are a last resort, after other attempts to collect on patients’ debt.
The goal is “to seek a solution that avoids legal action,” the hospital said in a statement. “However, if the account remains unpaid and the family’s employment is verified, the account may be placed with an attorney.”
In New York, medical debt lawsuits are rare but on the rise, as at NewYork-Presbyterian, the city’s top-ranked hospital chain. Its medical debt lawsuits doubled to 515 between 2015 and 2016. In 2017, the hospital sued 779 patients over unpaid bills.
A NewYork-Presbyterian spokeswoman, Kate Spaziani, said the hospital’s “practices and policies have remained constant: We actively work with eligible patients to help them access our Charity Care and patient advocacy programs.”
In many instances, court fees and interest add to patients’ debt. In Tennessee, for example, where medical debt can accrue 10% in annual interest, bills can balloon if hospitals wait to collect.
David Crumley, 41, was uninsured and did not qualify for Medicaid when Ballad sued him for the $5,418 he owed. But in the seven years between a court ruling in Ballad’s favor and the start of his wage garnishment, that debt accumulated $3,336 in interest. The garnishment took $277 from his $1,247 biweekly paychecks for work as a forklift operator.
“As a parent, when you have to choose whether to pay the rent or keep the lights on because your paycheck is being garnished, that’s a hard thing to do,” said Crumley, who recently left that job and is now covered by Medicaid. “You sit there, and you’re so stressed out that you start crying, and your own daughter offers her change jar to you. What kind of person does that make me?”
Changing the System
Public officials have become increasingly concerned about the proliferation of medical debt lawsuits, which have drawn media attention to the practice at a nonprofit hospital chain in Memphis, Tennessee, a for-profit hospital in New Mexico and the University of Virginia health system.
A University of Connecticut report in June found that hospitals and doctors in the state had sued 80,000 patients for medical debt between 2011 and 2016. Consumer advocates and a state judge are now pursuing reforms, such as simplifying the process to request itemized bills, that would make the court more accommodating to patients, who typically represent themselves.
New York lawmakers introduced legislation last month that would cap the interest hospitals can recoup on medical debt at 3%, instead of 9%, and would shorten the statute of limitations to two years from six. The proposed changes could result in fewer and smaller judgments against patients.
The American Hospital Association, an industry trade group, has taken no official position on medical debt lawsuits. But in a statement, the group’s executive vice president, Tom Nickels, said, “As a field, we will always continue to look for new and better ways to work with patients who need help paying their bills.”
Some hospitals are creating financial-support policies aimed at patients with high deductibles. This year, St. Luke’s University Health Network in Pennsylvania introduced an assistance program for insured patients who can’t afford their medical bills.
“Two years ago we were not doing this, and now we’re getting 50 applications a week,” said Richard Madison, the network’s vice president for revenue cycle. “We don’t want people to go into bankruptcy because of us.”
St. Luke’s decision not to pursue medical debt in court reflects both its nonprofit mission and a desire to stay out of the headlines.
“It would be bad press, and we don’t want to be the organization that does that to people,” Madison said.
At the same time, he worries that St. Luke’s may become overwhelmed by requests for help.
“The program might have to be discontinued if too many people were using it,” he said. “We want the people who are truly burdened by our hospital bill and can’t afford to pay it.”
Ballad Health does not plan to change its litigation strategy. But Keck, the vice president, said the network was increasing its income limit for charity care, which could reduce lawsuits.
“We’re a health care system that has to pay bills,” Keck said. “We have to pay nurses and doctors and so on. We’re doing everything possible to keep things out of court, because it’s expensive for everybody.”
Sturgill, who is paying off her daughter’s back surgery, hopes to continue her payment plan and avoid wage garnishment. Her children continue to get treatment at Ballad.
“I’ve got copays for specialists that are $60,” she said. “Any little extra we have, it goes towards doctors. And sometimes you just don’t have any extra. I was trying to pay things here and there, when I had it. But then sometimes, I just didn’t have it.”
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2019.10.25 06:02 autotldr Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriends plan seance to connect with Playboy founder

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 23%. (I'm a bot)
It's a question former Girls Next Door stars, Holly Madison, 40, and Bridget Marquardt, 45, are trying to answer.
The pair is holding a seance to try to contact the spirit world so they can speak with their ex-squeeze, Hugh Hefner, TMZ reports.
To assist in the spooky supernatural foray, Madison and Marquardt have enlisted the help of "Ghost Adventures" star Patti Negri, the self-proclaimed Hollywood Psychic Medium.
Madison and Marquardt share an interest in the paranormal - Marquardt, hosts the "GHOST MAGNET with Bridget Marquardt" podcast while Madison is currently dating Zak Bagans, host of "Ghost Adventures" and founder of Haunted Museum.
According to the sources TMZ spoke with, Marquardt is focused on trying to reach the spirit of Hefner specifically, while Madison is supposedly open to speaking with any ghostly spirit that presents itself.
The reading is taking place on the eve of Halloween at Madison's home which she believes is haunted and will be live-streamed on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Marquardt#1 Madison#2 try#3 spirit#4 Ghost#5
Post found in /nottheonion.
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2019.10.04 14:46 GavinJ1899 Rebooking Every WWE Pay Per View from Wrestlemania I to Wrestlemania 36 Reimagined (Part Twenty-Seven)

Part One: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/c0qjkv/rebooking_every_wwe_payperview_from_wrestlemania/
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Part Twenty-Six: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/dcqg6rebooking_every_wwe_pay_per_view_from/


Armageddon 1999:
Date: December 12th, 1999
Venue: National Car Rental Centre in Sunrise, Florida
Gate: 17,054


Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho (c) (w/ Chyna) def. Val Venis

Kurt Angle def. Steve Blackman

Edge and Christian def. Prince Albert and Big Bossman

WWF Tag Team Championships: The New Age Outlaws (c) def. The Godfather and D'lo Brown

Steel Cage: X-Pac def. Kane (w/ Tori)

European Championship: The British Bulldog (c) def. Test
(Val Venis wins the European Championship on the December 27th edition of Raw, and loses it to Road Dogg on the February 8th episode of Smackdown)

Womens' Championship: Ivory def. Tori (c)

Fatal Four Way for the WWF Championship: Triple H (w/ Stephanie McMahon) def. The Rock, Mankind, and The Big Show (c)


Royal Rumble 2000:

Date: January 23rd, 2000
Venue: Madison Square Garden in New York, New York
Gate: 19,231


The winner will be given a spot in the Royal Rumble: Tazz def. Kurt Angle

Tables' match: The Hardy Boyz def. The Dudley Boyz

Triple Threat for the Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho (c) def. Hardcore Holly and Crash Holly

WWF Tag Team Championships: The New Age Outlaws (c) def. The Acolytes

Womens' Championship: Chyna def. Ivory (c)

Street Fight for the WWF Championship: Triple H (c) (w/ Stephanie McMahon) def. Cactus Jack

30 Man Royal Rumble: The Rock (#24) wins last eliminating The Big Show (#26)
Final Four: (The Rock, The Big Show, Kane, and Tazz)


No Way Out 2000:

Date: February 27th, 2000
Venue: Hartford Civic Centre in Hartford, Connecticut
Gate: 12,551

Street Fight: X-Pac (w/ Tori) def. Kane

#1 Contendership for the WWF Tag Team Championships: Edge and Christian vs The Hardy Boyz ends in a no contest

Intercontinental Championship: Kurt Angle def. Chris Jericho (c)

The Radicalz (w/ Eddie Guerrero) def. Too Cool and Rikishi

Mark Henry and Viscera def. Big Bossman and Prince Albert

WWF Tag Team Championships: The Dudley Boyz def. The New Age Outlaws (c)

#1 Contendership for the WWF Championship: The Rock def. The Big Show

Hell in a Cell for the WWF Championship; if Cactus Jack loses, he must retire from the WWF: Triple H (c) (w/ Stephanie McMahon) def. Cactus Jack


Wrestlemania 2000:

Date: April 2nd, 2000
Venue: Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim in Anaheim, California
Gate: 19,776


Triple Threat for the Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho def. Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle (c)

Tag Team Battle Royale: Too Cool wins last eliminating The Radicalz

Hardcore Championship: Hardcore Holly def. Crash Holly (c)

European Championship: Tazz def. Road Dogg (c)

Triple Threat Ladder match for the WWF Tag Team Championships: Edge and Christian def. The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz (c)

The Big Show def. Rikishi

Eddie Guerrero def. Chyna

Inferno Match: Kane def. X-Pac (w/ Tori)

Catfight: Terri Runnels def. The Kat

No DQ Match for the WWF Championship; Mick Foley as the special guest enforcer: The Rock def. Triple H (c) (w/ Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, and Vince McMahon)
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2019.08.23 18:02 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Dec. 10, 2001

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-1-2001 1-8-2001 1-15-2001 1-22-2001
1-29-2001 2-5-2001 2-12-2001 2-19-2001
2-26-2001 3-5-2001 3-12-2001 3-19-2001
3-26-2001 4-2-2001 4-9-2001 4-16-2001
4-23-2001 4-30-2001 5-7-2001 5-14-2001
5-21-2001 5-28-2001 6-4-2001 6-11-2001
6-18-2001 6-25-2001 7-2-2001 7-9-2001
7-16-2001 7-23-2001 7-30-2001 8-6-2001
8-13-2001 8-20-2001 8-27-2001 9-3-2001
9-10-2001 9-17-2001 9-25-2001 10-1-2001
10-8-2001 10-15-2001 10-22-2001 10-29-2001
11-5-2001 11-12-2001 11-19-2001 11-26-2001
  • WWF has once again set a date for the planned roster split and now it's set to take place on the Jan. 7th edition of Raw at Madison Square Garden. Ever since buying WCW, the company has talked about splitting the roster and they have repeatedly made plans for a "draft" only to postpone those plans over and over again. At this point, the idea has been booked and then scrapped so many times that people within the company are doubting whether this Jan. 7th draft will actually happen (nope, it gets scrapped yet again and doesn't happen until March). Of course, at this point, any value that "WCW" or "ECW" had as brands has been totally squandered, which was the whole point of trying to run separate shows anyway. Dave goes through the history of how WWF botched the whole angle, and how the original plans for a separate company to "compete" with WWF kept changing as the angle kept failing, how WCW was going to be its own touring brand, etc. The current plan is still for Raw and Smackdown to run as separate entities, with Rock on one show and Austin heading up the other. One owned by Vince, the other owned by Ric Flair, and eventually each would run its own monthly PPV (thus doubling the number of WWF PPVs in a year). Dave breaks down how all this will completely fuck up the company's touring schedule for house shows. Especially if it happens in January, with lots of arenas already booked that would have to be changed. Dave seems to think they're rushing into this whole thing without really thinking through the logistics of it (yeah they thought so too, which is why they end up scrapping it).
  • Dave also goes in depth on how various revenue streams might change with a brand split. He doesn't expect too much of a change in house show business. PPV is the big one. By doubling the number of PPVs each month, some people feel like that's too much and people won't spend that much money, Dave disagrees. Not too long ago, both WWF and WCW were running monthly PPVs, often within a week of each other, and both were doing big numbers. And that's not counting the occasional ECW PPVs at the time also. If the product is hot, people will pay for it. So if done right, this could greatly increase WWF's PPV profits. And of course, if done wrong, it could sink all their PPVs. TV ratings will be interesting. By splitting the roster, they're diluting the top stars and spreading the roster thin. Dave could see ratings for both shows going down since they'll only have half the star-power on each. But with more people getting TV time, it gives them a chance to create new stars and if they can do that, then hey, good news! Of course, that depends on WWF creating new stars. And they haven't been so great at that lately.
  • Former Stampede Wrestling announcer Ed Whalen passed away this week at age 74 after suffering a heart attack while on vacation in Florida. Dave briefly summarizes his life and career, dating back to 1952 when Stu Hart first hired him to be a ring announcer. He talks about how Whalen loved the athletic aspect of wrestling and the goofy funny stuff, but he hated hardcore, violent wrestling and very publicly quit Stampede on 3 different occasions when he felt it had gotten too violent, only to be talked into coming back. He also had a lot of power with the local TV stations and whenever a match got too bloody or violent, he would order the cameras turned off, which frustrated Bruce Hart (who was booking the shows) because these were his most heated angles and matches and they often didn't air on television because Whalen would have them pulled. Whalen was well liked by most people in the company but they also realized he was often bad for business because he was well known for not allowing heels to get heat in interviews if he didn't like what they were saying by just taking the microphone away mid-sentence and leaving them there looking stupid on live TV or saying things on TV that completely went against whatever angle they were doing (how did this guy keep his job?!). By his later years, he was regarded as a pretty terrible announcer (he even won Worst Announcer in the 1989 Observer Awards). But Stu Hart loved him and never even considered firing him, no matter how much it frustrated Bruce. Anyway, Dave promises to have a much longer and more detailed story on Whalen in the next issue.
  • Not much news this week so far. I've already gone through the top stories section, Mexico, NOAH, AJPW, etc. and it's mostly just show results. No real news to any of it.
  • NJPW is still trying to put together plans for both Inoki's New Year's Eve show and the upcoming Jan. 4th Tokyo Dome show. The problem is, the main decision makers are Tatsumi Fujinami and Antonio Inoki and they can't agree on anything. So far, they've only agreed on 2 matches total between the two shows. The company is pushing Inoki to work a match at the Jan. 4th show because they (as well as TV-Asahi) want Inoki to come out of retirement to pop a big rating and ticket sales. Others are urging Inoki not to do it because they made such a big deal out of his retirement in 1998 that they don't want him to tarnish his reputation by coming back. Inoki worked a short "exhibition" match with Renzo Gracie last year but NJPW wants Inoki to work a real match, not an "exhibition" (doesn't happen. To this day, Inoki has remained retired and at age 76, I doubt that'll change anytime soon).
  • Former NJPW referee Pete Takahashi wrote a book this week that is stirring up some controversy because he openly talks about wrestling being fake (in Japan, kayfabe is still pretty strongly protected). Takahashi also wrote about how Andre The Giant was the hardest wrestler to work with because he would never agree to lose to Inoki (he eventually did in 1986, as he was on his way out of the company). He also talks about Inoki doing his own angle where he allegedly almost swallowed his tongue and almost died during a match with Hulk Hogan in 1983, which resulted in Inoki being legitimately rushed to the hospital. The story was carried by all the major news outlets at the time and it was believed Inoki had legitimately suffered a severe injury, but the referee revealed that it was all a work by Inoki.
  • Mick Foley has been appearing on the Celebrity edition of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire for the last couple of weeks. On the latest episode, he was up to $125,000 (to be donated to the New York Police & Fire Departments). Time ran out so he'll be back on the show next week to continue. Foley answered some fairly difficult questions correctly and came across much smarter than all the WWF stars that appeared on the Weakest Link a couple months ago (he ends up topping out at $125,000, doesn't get any higher than that).
WATCH: Mick Foley on "Who Wants To Be A Billionaire" Pt. 1
WATCH: Mick Foley on "Who Wants To Be A Billionaire" Pt. 2
  • Scott Steiner worked his first match since WCW folded, appearing in Birmingham, England for WWA. Steiner attacked Konnan and Brian Christopher, which led to commissioner Bret Hart coming out and putting Steiner in the main event in a triple threat against Jeff Jarrett and Road Dogg. Word is Steiner didn't do much because he's still really messed up from all his injuries. He mostly stayed out of the way or helped Jarrett double team Road Dogg.
  • WWA is currently touring all over Europe right now. They're also still having the announcers do commentary live over the house microphones so the crowd can hear it. During a Psicosis match, Konnan was doing commentary and joked that Psicosis "looks like Michael Jackson without the little boys" which got a laugh from the crowd. Other notes from the tour: Brian Christopher, doing his Too Cool gimmick with the glasses and dancing, has been super over because it was such a popular act in WWF and people still love it. Disco Inferno has gotten lots of praise for his commentary. When they were in Ireland, Stevie Ray was supposed to cut a promo bashing U2 (since they're from Ireland) but when he got the mic, he actually forgot the name of the band. In London, Scott Steiner started making fun of former Beatles member George Harrison, who literally died only 4 days earlier. Dave thinks that's pretty scummy even for pro wrestling. Anyway, all of the shows drew fairly well and because of their success in Europe and Australia, they're reportedly looking at running in the U.S. sooner than originally planned. Dave thinks that would be a big mistake and they will get humbled and brought back down to earth pretty quickly if they try. Europe and Australia are starved for major league pro wrestling with top American stars so those shows can still draw there. But Dave can't see this promotion, with this roster, drawing flies in the U.S. right now.
  • Big Japan Wrestling held a PPV that was apparently shown in America and I only mention it because Missy Hyatt and Joel Gertner did the commentary for it. Dave has gotten a handful of reviews from people who saw the show and apparently their commentary (especially Missy's) was horrifically bad. I'm bummed because I can't find this show. But Missy Hyatt and Gertner doing commentary on death match wrestling is something I kinda need to see.
  • Ted Turner was part of a big press meeting this week where he said that if he knew then what he knew now, he never would have sold Time Warner in the first place. The Time Warner deal with AOL essentially stripped Turner of all his power in the company. Anyway, this is only notable because Turner said nothing at all about starting a new TV network. A lot of people in the wrestling industry had been quietly hoping that Turner would start a new network with hopes that he would bring back wrestling on it. But it doesn't appear that Turner is interested in getting back into that game anymore at this stage of his life.
  • Kevin Nash is reportedly looking to work tours with WWA starting in February. The idea is that he would get paid $40,000 per tour, with WWA doing 5 tours per year. Each tour is 2 weeks. That comes out to $200,000 per year for only 10 weeks of work, plus they pay all his travel expenses. It's believed WWF offered Nash a $400,000 per year deal, but they don't pay travel expenses and they obviously want him to work more dates. But that was all just preliminary talks, there haven't been any real serious negotiations between Nash and WWF yet because he can't do anything until his WCW deal expires in January anyway. Ultimately, it's Vince McMahon's call but everyone in the company is said to be pretty negative on the idea of bringing in Nash.
  • Chyna appeared on the latest Celebrity Fear Factor and it ended up being the highest rated episode in the history of the show.
WATCH: Celebrity Fear Factor with Chyna (full episode)
  • A 16 year old in Florida is in stable condition after a backyard wrestling stunt gone awry. They poured rubbing alcohol on him and set him on fire. The match was being taped and on the video, you can see that the kid doesn't want to do it and he even tries to call a time out and stop it midway through but they ended up doing the stunt to him anyway. Another teenager, who lit the fire, is facing possible criminal charges (backyard wrestling was such a big thing around this time and man, people were doing some dumb shit).
  • RF Video, the company that sold all of ECW's old videos, is getting into the wrestling promotion game. They're holding a show in February at the Murphy Rec Center in Philadelphia. The promotion will be called Ring of Honor. Dave says these guys have an advantage over other indie companies because they have the infrastructure in place already to sell and distribute videos of their shows. They're planning to bring in hot indie stars like American Dragon, Spanky, and Low-Ki as well as Eddie Guerrero (and with that little paragraph, ROH is officially born).
  • XWF booked their first house shows and whew boy. They booked the 12,000 seat US Cellular Arena in Milwaukee and then the cruel reality hit. Tickets went on sale and they sold less than 250 the first day. It's important to note that these days, the first on-sale date is when the most tickets are sold. Suffice it to say, they're probably not gonna fill up this arena. At this rate, they'll be lucky to fill up 2 rows of it. It was the same story in the other cities as well (Green Bay, Hammond, IN, etc.). The advertising for the shows lists Roddy Piper, Greg Valentine, Nasty Boys, Buff Bagwell, and the Road Warriors as the top stars. It's 2001. Dave has no idea what this company is thinking.
  • Roddy Piper was on the Mancow radio show and trashed the WWF. He said the WWF isn't wrestling and criticized the Vince McMahon "kiss my ass club" angle they've been doing. He said the wrestlers in WWF are afraid to stand up for themselves and refuse to participate in humiliating angles. He also claimed Rena Mero was fired because she refused to take her shirt off at a show. Dave points out that's not exactly true. She actually quit the company, she wasn't fired. But in her later sexual harassment lawsuit, she did mention that she had been asked to take her top off at a show and had refused. But she wasn't fired for it, nor did she quit until long after that incident.
  • XWF has had interest in both Jeff Jarrett and especially Road Dogg. The talks with Jarrett fell through but they may still come together down the line. As for Road Dogg, they really wanted him but there's issues with him. On top of his well-known drug issues, which got him fired from WWF, he has also developed a reputation in recent months for no-showing indie events that he was booked for. XWF is trying to steer clear of anyone who might give them bad publicity or won't show up. But if he can get his shit together, they'd love to have him.
  • Eric Bischoff is meeting with UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta later this week, but Dave doesn't have any details on why (nothing came of this).
  • Notes from Raw: the show opened with Jericho cutting a promo and for a moment there, Dave almost got his hopes up that they might be trying to elevate him to be a top star. But he's been down this road too many times to fall for that trick again. Big Show is really packing on the pounds and has to be a legit 500 at this point. Dave remembers last year when the company was adamant that Big Show wouldn't be brought back from OVW until he got down to 375. Oh well. Austin beat Jericho clean in 7 minutes, which does nothing to make him look strong going into the PPV, considering Jericho desperately needs it. There was nothing wrong with the match itself under normal circumstances, but Jericho is a big part of the main event angle at the PPV and he looked like a total geek here. During the main event (Rock/Trish vs. Vince/Angle), Vince ended up getting a bloody nose from some stiff shots by Trish. I bet he loved that. Jericho interfered, hit Rock with the lionsault, and Rock still kicked out. Once again, Jericho is heading into this PPV looking like a schmuck (this all works out okay for Jericho next week).
  • Dave also has spoiler notes from the upcoming Smackdown tapings. For starters, Undertaker cut all his hair off. But the other main thing is Jericho was once again beaten clean (tapping out to a sharpshooter from Rock) and then was beaten up after the match by his own partner, Kurt Angle. Dave has no idea why they're going out of their way this week to make Jericho look like a total bitch right before a PPV where he's in the matches to determine the first undisputed champion (again, this all works out okay soon, but it is questionable booking). Also, the "What!?" chants from the crowd during people's promos is fun for the audience, but it absolutely kills the promos that the guys in the ring are trying to do.
  • In regards to Jerry Lawler's recent return to WWF, he was offered a 3-year contract by both the WWF and the XWF. And in fact, the XWF's offer was for more money. But Lawler decided to play it safe on the assumption that WWF will still be around in 3 years, whereas XWF might not be (didn't even last 1 year, so Lawler definitely made the right call on that one).
  • A Yokozuna Memorial Show was held last week that drew a sellout crowd of 1,000 fans and a lot of WWF wrestlers worked the show. Afa Anoi'a (Yokozuna's uncle) promoted the show and a lot of that family was there. Rock wasn't able to make it, but Rikishi worked. It was Rikishi's first match in months following some recent surgeries. Undertaker & Kane beat the APA. Kanyon appeared on crutches (he had agreed to work the show months ago but he's injured now, but he still wanted to appear) as well as Kidman, Shannon Moore, Jamie Noble, and some other indie guys.
  • Dave lists all the injuries everyone has and there's a lot. Randy Orton suffered a shoulder injury in a pre-Smackdown dark match with Brock Lesnar and it was feared that he might have had a torn rotator cuff, but fortunately it's not that serious (this would be the start of years of shoulder injuries for Randy). Booker T suffered a concussion after an errant kick from, you guessed it, RVD. Rhyno recently had the same major neck surgery that Austin and Benoit had and it's looking to be at least a year before he can return. And the list keeps going. Edge, Christian, Tommy Dreamer, Stacy Keibler, Scotty 2 Hotty, William Regal, Shawn Stasiak, Hugh Morrus, Test, X-Pac, Crash Holly....everybody's got various injuries. Some need surgery, some are working through them. In better news, Triple H is expected to finally return in January. Benoit should be back around March (not quite).
  • In OVW, Leviathan is now working as a babyface and recently won the OVW heavyweight title (he later loses it to Prototype).
  • Following his recent heart attack, Russ Haas has been cleared to start training again in about a week. He's been doing therapy and every cardiologist he has seen has given him positive reviews and he's expected to be back in the ring by January (not so much, I'm afraid. He dies about a week after this from another heart attack).
  • ESPN columnist Bill Simmons criticized the WWF's writing this week in his latest column, writing, "Even Clark Griswold's kids haven't changed as often as the WWF storylines over the past three months. You need to watch three shows a week and keep a scorecard just to be able to follow everything. It's bad enough that wrestling is fake. Don't make us work at following it too." (Man, if he thought 2001 didn't make sense, I wonder if he's still watching these days.)
  • John Laurinaitis is heading down to OVW and HWA later this week to get rid of some people. It's been known for awhile that roster cuts were coming and he's heading down there to fire everyone in person. Needless to say, lots of nervous folks in developmental right now.
  • Jim Ross is meeting with Rey Mysterio when they're in town for the PPV next week, so it looks like there is some interest there, despite previous comments Ross has made.
MONDAY:: The final week of the Observer Rewind, WWF Vengeance PPV fallout, Chris Jericho becomes undisputed champion, IWGP champion Kazuyuki Fujita suffers torn Achilles, former referee Billy Silverman talks about leaving WWF, and more...

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2019.08.14 18:00 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Nov. 12, 2001

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-1-2001 1-8-2001 1-15-2001 1-22-2001
1-29-2001 2-5-2001 2-12-2001 2-19-2001
2-26-2001 3-5-2001 3-12-2001 3-19-2001
3-26-2001 4-2-2001 4-9-2001 4-16-2001
4-23-2001 4-30-2001 5-7-2001 5-14-2001
5-21-2001 5-28-2001 6-4-2001 6-11-2001
6-18-2001 6-25-2001 7-2-2001 7-9-2001
7-16-2001 7-23-2001 7-30-2001 8-6-2001
8-13-2001 8-20-2001 8-27-2001 9-3-2001
9-10-2001 9-17-2001 9-25-2001 10-1-2001
10-8-2001 10-15-2001 10-22-2001 10-29-2001
  • Once again, we start this week with more examination of how bad business is plummeting for the WWF with a silver lining of good news. So let's start there. Tickets for Wrestlemania 18 went on sale and around 53,000 have already been sold which pretty much guarantees that WM18 will break the all-time gate record (set by WM17 just seven months ago). It's certain to sell out the Skydome in Toronto and it was said to be the biggest first-day ticket sales for any event in the history of Canada, although that's misleading. About half of those tickets were sold before the "official" first day to pre-sale customers with a special password. So really, all those tickets were sold over the course of two days, not one. But still, a pretty monumental accomplishment and a clear sign that even though business is down, the "Wrestlemania" name is still a draw.
  • So that's the good news. The bad news is everything else. Survivor Series is only a week away and there's still over 6,500 tickets available as of press time. Raw in the same building recently only drew about 7,600. For the past three years, WWF sold out every Madison Square Garden show, but the recent MSG show, headlined by Rock vs. Austin, didn't even come close to selling out the world's most famous arena. Dave blames the fact that there's no long-term planning anymore and everything in WWF is changing on the fly. On Raw 2 weeks ago, they made the decision pretty much the day of the show to turn Kurt Angle heel and have him join the Alliance. Dave notes that Undertaker and Chris Jericho were originally considered before they decided on Angle, but then they couldn't decide if he should be a comedic character or serious character and instead, they've decided on both so he's completely inconsistent and has pretty much lost all the momentum and heat he had just a few weeks ago. The plan is to finally end the Invasion angle at Survivor Series and then do a draft to split the brands. No word on what the 2nd group would be called. They have pretty much killed any credibility that "WCW" or "ECW" would have had, so it probably won't be either of those. The idea is for Rock to anchor one brand, while Austin anchors the other and run them separately. With business collapsing, Dave isn't sure this is the best time to dilute the product by splitting the roster in half. Fans already aren't coming to the shows. They'll be even more likely to stay home if they know half the people they want to see aren't going to be there because they're on the other show. A lot of people internally are against the idea, but Vince still feels strongly about it and won't be convinced otherwise, at least so far. WWF has failed to create new stars this year, with RVD and Chris Jericho coming closest to breaking through. But RVD, who was really getting over as a big star, was pretty much buried in recent weeks (and to be fair, he probably didn't help his case by repeatedly hurting everyone he wrestled). And Jericho got hot for awhile feuding with Rock and they put the title on him, but he only held it for 15 days before dropping it and he hasn't even sniffed the top of the card since. And there's no big stars that can come turn business around. Rock came back earlier this year from filming his movie and that only led to a 3-week ratings bump. Mick Foley and Vince McMahon both returned to TV in recent months, and it led to no increase whatsoever. Triple H is due back soon, but if Rock's return couldn't turn things around, Dave doesn't see Triple H doing it either. So there's that.
  • Bruce Prichard is moving from Stamford, CT back to Houston, TX due to his wife who is battling cancer. Prichard will still be part of the creative team but he won't be around as much on a day-to-day basis which leaves the core of the creative team as Stephanie McMahon, Paul Heyman, Brian Gewirtz, and Michael Hayes. Although, as always, the final decision is always made by Vince (Bruce has talked about this on his podcast a few times. I don't remember all the details, but yeah his wife has had a few cancer scares over the years. Real serious ones too. Like, she wasn't expected to live through them. But she has and to this day, they're still happily married).
  • We have a lengthy obituary for Helen Hart, who passed away this week at age 77 in Calgary. She had been hospitalized for over a month after suffering several seizures resulting in organ failure. Ultimately, the family made the decision to pull the plug on her life support system. Dave talks about how the Hart family is always engulfed in scandal and they're always controversial, but Helen was the one person that everyone seemed to love and respect in the family. Helen, however, never loved the wrestling business and had gone on record in the past saying she wished the whole family would have just been farmers or something instead of wrestlers. He talks about how even in her old age, she was active and vibrant but those close to her talked about how Owen's death and the way it tore her family apart was extremely hard for her. She was also a native New Yorker before moving to Canada and reportedly was greatly affected by what happened there on 9/11. Dave talks about how she met and married Stu in New York and moved to Canada to help him run the business side of his new company. All 8 of their sons were involved in wrestling at one point or another and all 4 daughters married wrestlers. In 1984, with Stu battling health issues, Helen insisted he get out of the business which led to Stu selling Stampede Wrestling to Vince McMahon. They eventually re-started it again, but the financial pressures were too much and seeing how much stress it was causing Helen, Stu once again closed down shop. Dave recaps her later years, in the 90s where she occasionally made appearances on WWF television with Bret and Owen. Stu Hart, on the outside, seems to be handling it well, but others have said he's been completely broken by Helen's death. Dave has a lot of quotes from Keith Hart and a few other members of the family, including Bret, about Helen and things like that. It's a pretty good read. Helen's funeral service details are being kept secret because they want a private ceremony and don't want another public spectacle like the Owen funeral was.
  • The latest PRIDE show is in the books and it wasn't a good night for pro wrestlers. PRIDE is a promotion that pretty much markets itself to pro wrestling fans and its biggest draws are wrestlers in shoot fights. The problem is the wrestlers tend to lose more often than not, which is killing the mystique for these guys. The most successful, Kazushi Sakuraba, lost for the 2nd time to Vanderlei Silva while Nobuhiko Takada went to a draw with Mirko Cro Cop and wrestlers from Battlarts and NJPW both lost their fights as well, doing major damage to their reputations as tough bad asses. Cro Cop in particular was pissed because his fight with Takada was similar to the famous Inoki/Ali fight, with Takada laying on his back and fighting from the ground most of the time, which made for an incredibly boring fight that the crowd booed the shit out of. Cro Cop called Takada a fake fighter afterwards and said he was so disgusted he could barely even talk and said he wouldn't have taken the fight if he had known Takada was basically going to fight like a bitch. Also, during intermission, Antonio Inoki came out (getting the biggest pop of anyone on the card) and read a poem. Then he plugged his New Year's Eve show and said it would do bigger ratings than the NHK show (which is a traditional New Year's Eve Dick Clark-style show on NYE in Japan every year that always does huge ratings and is one of the biggest TV events of the year there).
  • UFC 34 is in the books and was a textbook example of how important timing is. The previous PPV, UFC 33, had a huge buzz and a ton of publicity but it was a horrible show that UFC president Dana White, in conversations with Dave, has claimed set UFC back at least a year because of how much of a disaster it was. On the flip side, this UFC 34 was a fantastic show, with explosive matches and great finishes. But unlike the last show, there was no buzz going into it, no publicity, and it flew totally under the radar. Dave says if this show had taken place last month, when all eyes were on UFC, the entire sport of MMA in the U.S. would be different now. So yeah: timing. Last month, they put on a horrible show while everyone was watching and this month, they had a great show when nobody was paying attention. Dana White also told Dave that he believes they need to be on television to be successful, which puts them in the same position as every other non-WWF promotion right now: they need a strong TV deal and a lot of money to burn if they want to get to where they hope to be. Anyway, Dave rambles on about that for a bit and then recaps the show.
  • WWF Rebellion, a UK-only PPV, is in the books (3 paragraphs in a row with "______ is in the books." I need a PWTees shirt for that or something, like Conrad and Prichard). In-ring wise, it was said to be one of the better UK PPVs they've ever done, with the top title matches in particular being really good. But there was the same ol' complaints from fans, that no storylines ever take place on these shows, no titles ever change hands, and they're pretty much just glorified house shows being broadcast on PPV. Vince and Shane McMahon only appeared in pre-taped backstage segments. Hugh Morrus and Chavo Guerrero Jr. were used as backstage reporters doing backstage segments where they kept walking in on women in various states of undress (the funniest being when they walked in on Mighty Molly Holly, who was fully dressed but got super upset because they saw her without her cape on, which Dave thought was pretty hilarious). Other notes from the show: Billy Gunn teamed up with Chuck Palumbo in a dark match, the first time they've ever teamed up, and Dave says the plan is to put them together as a full time tag team (they of course become the legendary Billy & Chuck pretending to be gay but that's not a part of the gimmick yet at this point). William Regal cut a promo trashing soccer star David Beckham, to ensure he would be booed by his native crowd, and he was.
  • Dave does his usual break down of numbers comparing last year to this year. Some of the TV ratings are misleading because last year, WCW Nitro still existed so they had head-to-head competition back then which they no longer have. But the other numbers are pretty sobering. The average attendance for Oct. 2001 is down a whopping 40% from Oct. 2000. It was the lowest average attendance month for WWF since Dec. 1997. For comparison, these attendance numbers are about the same as WCW was doing during the Kevin Nash booking era, which is where WCW's decline really started to become obvious. Now, to be fair, there's a 9/11 factor in play here. In a recent interview, Jim Ross mentioned that pretty much all touring acts have seen their attendance numbers decline since 9/11 and that's true. But none of them have declined 40% in a year. And that doesn't explain the plummeting TV ratings (which have not been affected by 9/11 for anyone else, so they can't use that excuse for ratings). There's just no other way around it: the business is obviously in a major free fall right now, excuses be damned.
  • Oh yeah, back to Inoki's New Year's Eve show, he's trying to get NJPW stars Yuji Nagata and Manabu Nakanishi to work the show. But NJPW booker Tatsumi Fujinami is refusing to let them do it. The show is based around pro wrestlers against K-1 fighters in legit shoot fights and Fujinami doesn't want to risk some of his top stars getting injured or embarrassed in a real fight, especially since it's only 5 days before NJPW's biggest show of the year. In retaliation, Inoki is threatening to keep IWGP champion Kazuyuki Fujita from working the Jan. 4th Tokyo Dome show (I'm not sure what happens here yet, but Nagata does end up working Inoki's NYE show. But Fujita does not work the Tokyo Dome show due to injury. So NJPW's Jan. 4th Tokyo Dome show didn't even have an IWGP title match). There's also some television politics at play here. Inoki's NYE show is airing on a rival network from TV-Asahi, which many of NJPW's wrestlers are exclusively contracted to, and TV-Asahi doesn't want NJPW stars appearing on a rival network.
  • Here's the latest on Jimmy Hart's XWF promotion: Hulk Hogan and Kevin Sullivan are writing and booking the shows. The plan seems to be to run some house shows soon, with Jeff Jarrett vs. Buff Bagwell as the main events and Dave hopes they're booking small arenas because those 2 guys aren't draws even if they had TV, and they don't yet. Hogan did another interview on the Bubba The Love Sponge radio show, talking about the Bash at the Beach/Russo incident and claimed everything about it was a total shoot. Dave calls bullshit and says that while he doesn't quite know exactly where the lines blurred, he knows all the stuff at first with Jarrett laying down for Hogan and all that was completely planned ahead of time and was a total work. After that, the story gets fuzzy. Hogan also said they were interested in bringing in Scott Hall for XWF and Dave thinks Hall is probably going to wait and see if WWF has any real interest first. Hogan also claimed he was really close to signing with WWF last year, to work a match at Wrestlemania 17 against Vince McMahon, but he ultimately decided against it because his family didn't want him to go back on the road working the WWF schedule. Dave calls bullshit again and says the actual plan that was discussed was for Hogan to come in and work with Triple H, but they wanted Hogan to do a clean job to the pedigree and Hogan wasn't going for that shit and backed out of the talks.
  • Scott Steiner is being advertised for WWA shows when they tour the UK and Ireland in a few weeks. It's unknown if Steiner will be wrestling since he's been dealing with injuries and he also has talked about filing a lawsuit against Time Warner, claiming career-ending injuries. So if he wrestles for WWA, that will obviously hurt his lawsuit plans. That potential lawsuit is why he hasn't gone to WWF yet either, along with the fact that, well, he really is still pretty injured. Dave figures he may just do run-ins or something, but who knows. The WWA promotional material also features Bret Hart and it clearly gives the impression that Hart will be wrestling, not just appearing as a commissioner. So bullshit false advertising is obviously not beneath WWA.
  • Goldberg did an interview with the Observer site and talked about a few things. He said even if his Time Warner deal expired, that wouldn't guarantee he would go to WWF and said right now, it's not something he's even considering for lots of reasons. In regards to PRIDE, he said it's something he has considered but unless he was 100% ready and able to fully train and prepare for it, he wouldn't do it. He also said his wrestling career isn't necessarily over, but right now, he's taking a rest and collecting his WCW checks. Dave thinks it's for the best. Goldberg in the Invasion angle could have been huge, but politically, he thinks it would have gone poorly. There's no doubt in Dave's mind that WWF would have immediately wanted Goldberg to put over Austin, Rock, Triple H, and Undertaker. And even if he did it without complaint, those guys would have just said "he doesn't know how to work" and tried to bury him like they did all the other WCW talent.
  • The official cause of death for Terry Gordy was a coronary artery thrombosis. Basically a blood clot near the heart. Gordy had damage to his heart from past drug issues, but his death wasn't drug related. The only drug found in his system at the time of his death was trace amounts of marijuana.
  • Diana Hart did an interview on a Canadian talk show promoting her new book and a lot of people said she came across very similar to the infamous Farrah Fawcett/David Letterman interview (if you're too young to remember this, basically, Farrah Fawcett went on Letterman's talk show in 1997 drugged out of her mind. Hunt it down on Youtube if you're curious). Diana didn't come across well at all, to the point that even the host was defending the other Hart family members that she was trashing. The Calgary Sun published excerpts from Diana's book, which led to Owen Hart's widow Martha threatening legal action, claiming the book constituted libel. The newspaper apparently agreed and pulled the excerpts down from their website. Martha is now saying she plans to file a libel lawsuit against Diana. Longtime Stampede Wrestling announcer Ed Whalen is saying he will join Martha's lawsuit, because apparently Diana wrote a bunch of bad shit about him too. Bret Hart initially planned to keep quiet about the whole thing and ignore it but it's become such a big story in Canada that he finally had to respond (though Dave doesn't say what Bret's response was). Keith Hart has said the book is full of "malicious lies" and said many people in the Hart family have wanted to speak out against it but they also don't want to give the book any more attention than it's already receiving. A former brother-in-law to someone in the Hart family is also threatening to sue Diana over what she wrote (Martha's lawsuit threat eventually got the book pulled from stores and taken out of print and the publisher paid a settlement to her Owen Hart charity. Diana stood by it at the time, but in later years, she distanced herself from it and blamed her co-author for twisting everything she said and claims she didn't really write the book. Bret Hart has basically called bullshit on that and says she knew exactly what it said before it was published. But pretty much the entire Hart family distanced themselves from Diana after it was published and claimed the book is full of lies). Following Diana's awful appearance on the talk show, a scheduled Off The Record interview with her was cancelled by the show.
  • Chyna is all over the place lately. She is on an upcoming episode of Fear Factor. Her new issue of Playboy, under her real name, comes out next month. And this week, she taped an interview on Off The Record that sounds like it will be especially interesting. It hasn't aired yet, but Dave has been given the details. The host really pushed Chyna on whether or not she believed the Triple H/Stephanie McMahon relationship had anything to do with her leaving the WWF. Chyna tried to play it off and give the usual safe answers, but they kept pushing her for more info and she was reportedly almost in tears by the end of the interview. Chyna called Stephanie immature and juvenile for not conducting herself like a proper businesswoman, saying there's an unwritten rule in WWF that you don't mess with other people's relationships (it's noted that Kathy Dingman, who was breifly in WWF as a character named BB, got a lot of heat for dating Bob Holly while he was married, which led to the breakup of Holly's marriage). Chyna also admitted she didn't want to wrestle women and wanted to continue wrestling men and that's why she didn't enjoy her matches with Lita shortly before she left. In another interview on a different show later that week, Chyna again was asked about the Triple H/Stephanie stuff and Chyna said that as soon as she found out, she knew her time in WWF was over because they didn't want the ex-girlfriend hanging around.
  • Notes from Raw: the crowd was absolutely dead for this show. At one point, during a commercial break, they sent Paul Heyman out to cut a promo to try to rile them up but it didn't work. Austin came out and even gave Vince McMahon a stunner, which should have been a huge moment but the lack of reaction from the crowd was scary. In the main event, when Rock put Jericho through the table, Heyman's leg got caught under it and injured his leg, but he'll be fine. And of course, Rock won the match, regaining the WCW title from Jericho, which led to an apparent heel turn from Jericho afterwards, which they've been teasing for awhile.
  • Injury report: Rhyno had neck surgery this week, the same kind as Austin and Benoit had. Reportedly, Rhyno's isn't quite as serious as theirs but he's still expected to be out for close to a year (ends up being longer). Kanyon had surgery for a torn ACL and will be out 4-6 months. Same time frame for Taka Michinoku after shoulder surgery. X-Pac is out and being evaluated for a neck injury, no word yet. Austin got 18 stitches after an Undertaker match. And Triple H is expected back in December or January. The advertising for the December PPV is all built around Triple H's return match, with posters and commercials filmed and everything, but he might not actually be back by then (nope). Russ Haas' cardiologist has cleared him to start training again and they expect him to be cleared to wrestle by January but they're being cautious because the last thing they want is a guy who already had a heart attack to be put in a position to stress his heart and have another one (indeed, he sadly passes away from another heart attack a month after this).
  • A Wall Street analyst site ran a very negative story on the WWF stock. It talked about the huge drop in ratings and attendance, the issues with DirecTV, and all the other negative business signs WWF is seeing right now and said the product has grown stale. Analysts don't recommend buying WWF stock right now (it was around $10 bucks a share back then at this time. As of this writing, it's worth $95.08 so....probably should have bought a bunch of it back then) (8-14-2019 update: $66.14).
  • Down in OVW, Rico Constantino and Prototype have broken up as a tag team after recently losing the titles to Lesnar and Benjamin. Dave believes it's a final blow-off feud before Rico is moved to the main roster (pretty much. He spends another couple months there but he debuts on Smackdown in early 2002).
  • Eddie Guerrero is wrestling down in HWA to try and get back into WWF-level condition after his recent rehab stint. Last week, he had a 30-minute triple threat match against Matt Striker and Jamie Noble that was said to be really good. Speaking of Noble, he's getting a lot of rave reviews lately for his work in HWA.
  • Speaking of developmental, Jim Ross met with Cornette, Les Thatcher, and Danny Davis (the guys who run OVW and HWA) to discuss what to do with the developmental stars. Everyone is high on Rico and feel he's main roster ready. There was talk of bringing in Lesnar soon but they don't want to rush him. They also talked about giving him the Goldberg-style push right out of the gate. Dave mentions that Lesnar's developmental contract is significantly higher than everyone else because at the time he signed, WCW and NJPW were strongly pursuing him as well due to his amateur credentials. So because they're paying him so much, there's pressure to move him up to the main roster sooner than later to justify the contract (I love that Lesnar was bending WWF over a barrel from day one. Dude has always been good at playing that game).
FRIDAY: WWF starts laying off front office employees in response to falling business, XWF runs first tapings, Dave reviews Diana Hart's book, Eddie Guerrero arrested for DUI and fired by WWF, and more...

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2019.07.23 02:54 CoolCreeper39 List of all known banned subreddits sorted alphabetically and by reason

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2019.07.19 03:29 GavinJ1899 Rebooking Every WWE Pay Per View from Wrestlemania I to Wrestlemania 36 Reimagined (Part Ten)

i apologize that this has taken forever to get out. my wifi has been garbage and wouldn't let me connect to the internet to upload, plus motivation has been low with work and life. but here we go, and just because...i'll try to release more content than i would have normally tomorrow. so, keep an eye out!

Part One: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/c0qjkv/rebooking_every_wwe_payperview_from_wrestlemania/

Part Two: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/c145kg/rebooking_every_wwe_ppv_from_wrestlemania_i_to/

Part Three: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/c1vecs/rebooking_every_wwe_payperview_from_wrestlemania/

Part Four: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/c29yis/rebooking_every_wwe_pay_per_view_from/

Part Five: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/c2ox5a/rebooking_every_wwe_pay_per_view_from/

Part Six: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/c5ibjj/rebooking_every_wwe_pay_per_view_from/

Part Seven: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/c5r4q3/rebooking_every_wwe_pay_per_view_from/

Part Eight: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/c6e2t7/rebooking_every_wwe_pay_per_view_from/

Part Nine: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/c8370b/rebooking_every_wwe_pay_per_view_from/


Royal Rumble 1994:

Date: January 22nd, 1994

Venue: Providence Civic Center in Providence, Rhode Island

Gate: 14,500


WWF Tag Team Championships: The Quebecers (c) (w/ Johnny Polo) def. Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Owen Hart

Bam Bam Bigelow def. Tatanka

Intercontinental Championship: Razor Ramon (c) def. Irwin R. Schyster

Reinstated Womens' Championship: Alundra Blayze def. Heidi Lee Morgan

WWF Championship: Yokozuna (c) (w/ Mr. Fuji) def. The Undertaker

30 Man Royal Rumble: Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Lex Luger co-win the Royal Rumble
(Final Four: Bret Hart, Lex Luger, Shawn Michaels, and Bam Bam Bigelow)


Wrestlemania X: Ten Years in the Making

Date: March 20th, 1994

Venue: Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York

Gate: 18,065


Owen Hart def. Bret "The Hitman" Hart

WWF Championship: Lex Luger def. Yokozuna (c) (w/ Mr. Fuji)

Jeff Jarrett, Rick "The Model" Martel, Irwin R. Schyster, Samu, and Fatu def. Mabel, Mo, Tatanka, Bob Holly, and 1-2-3 Kid

Bam Bam Bigelow def. Earthquake

WWF Womens' Championship: Luna Vachon def. Alundra Blayze (c)

WWF Tag Team Championships: The Smokin' Gunns def. The Quebecers (c) (w/ Johnny Polo)

Ladder match for the Undisputed Intercontinental Championship: Razor Ramon (c) def. Shawn Michaels
(Bam Bam Bigelow wins the Intercontinental Championship on the April 13th edition of WWF Superstars)

WWF Championship; Roddy Piper as the special guest referee: Bret "The Hitman" Hart def. Lex Luger (c)


King of the Ring 1994:

Date: June 19th, 1994

Venue: Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland

Gate: 12,000


King of the Ring Quarter Final: Owen Hart def. Mabel (w/ Mo)

King of the Ring Quarter Final: Bam Bam Bigelow def. 1-2-3 Kid

WWF Womens' Championship: Alundra Blayze def. Luna Vachon (c)

King of the Ring Quarter Final: Razor Ramon def. Irwin R. Schyster

King of the Ring Quarter Final: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper def. Jeff Jarrett

WWF Tag Team Championships: Shawn Michaels and Diesel def. The Smokin' Gunns (c)

King of the Ring Semi Finals: Razor Ramon def. Bam Bam Bigelow

King of the Ring Semi Finals: Owen Hart def. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

WWF Championship: Bret "The Hitman" Hart (c) def. Jerry "The King" Lawler

King of the Ring Finals: Owen Hart def. Razor Ramon


Summerslam 1994:

Date: August 29th, 1994

Venue: United Center in Chicago, Illinois

Gate: 23,000


Note: Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji mock The Undertaker for months after the Royal Rumble, but is haunted by supernatural occurances. The challenge is laid out to Undertaker for Summerslam, and The Deadman makes his return here and fights Yokozuna in a non-match.


Jeff Jarrett def. 1-2-3 Kid

The Smokin' Gunns def. Nikolai Volkoff and Irwin R. Schyster (w/ Ted DiBiase)

WWF Womens' Championship: Alundra Blayze (c) def. Bull Nakano (w/ Luna Vachon)

Intercontinental Championship: Razor Ramon def. Bam Bam Bigelow (c) (w/ Ted DiBiase)

WWF Tag Team Championships: Shawn Michaels and Diesel (c) def. The Headshrinkers

Ted DiBiase as special guest referee: Tatanka def. Lex Luger

Steel Cage match for the WWF Championship: Bret Hart (c) def. Owen Hart
(Owen Hart wins the WWF Championship on September 14th during a house show)


I'm going to end this part slightly shorter due to scheduling monthly pay-per-views starting in 1995. survivor series 1994-wrestlemania 11 will encompass next part...followed by the in your house series! stay tuned.
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2019.06.19 05:37 dp517 Week 117 Matchcards

Kathryn Love vs. Julie Storm
Julie had an impressive win at Jailbreak against LeBlanc, but more importantly we have Kathryn Love who lost her Vindication Women’s Championship at Jailbreak. Surely heartbroken from this loss, Julie Storm will certainly have her hands full.
Jessica Page vs. Scout Mackenzie
Scout recently won her Openweight title back from Olivia Mistral at Jailbreak. All up, besides the brief loss to Mistral in the Rumble for the Title, Scout has held that belt since Midsummer Mayhem, almost half a year ago. And now we know, her date for Endgame is set; Holly Queen.
Chess Club vs. Dylan Vincent & The Starfield
Our newly crowned tag team champions go head to head with former tag team champions, perhaps as a sort of celebration to prove their worth, at Endgame they will face off against Ace Anderson and Ricky Valentine; The Order.
Myles Miles vs. Zack Keaton
Myles Miles brutalized Tommy Hazard last week, and now he gets in the ring with a new debut in Zack Keaton, will Myles bite back up his bark? Or will Zack Keaton shock the world?
??? & SGT. Hunter vs. Truthless Heroes Trio
SGT. Hunter will face Connor Gates at Endgame in what will be his final match. However before we make it there, Hunter finds himself up against the entirety of the Truthless Heroes. He better hope he has some allies to help him out for this one.
Holly Queen vs Kaylee Madison
Kaylee Madison has been picking up some big wins since debuting, but now she faces her biggest challenge yet. The woman who will face Scout Mackenzie at Endgame. Holly Queen.
Roxx vs Sonya Evans
Both these women have been needing a shot in the arm as of late. Which woman can pick up a much needed win and start building back up momentum?
Jim Leitzell vs Daniel Chandler - First Blood Match
A few weeks back, Daniel Chandler assaulted Jim Leitzell after his match with Sicario. Now Leitzell finally gets a chance at revenge. With Chandlers street fight on the horizon, this will be a good test to see if he can get hardcore.
Kel Vallen vs Sarah Price
Kel Vallen is looking for a worthy challenger to her title. She has already denied Annie Thunders attempts at a rematch, and tonight she looks to deny another challenger. Can the rookie make a name for herself by pulling off the upset here tonight?
Dr. Wrestling Jr. vs William Black vs Sicario vs Ripjaw Reeves vs Alex Graves - Fatal Five Way Ladder Match to become Number one contender for the Nemesis World’s Title.
5 challengers stepping into battle. Only 1 can climb to the top of Mount Olympus and challenge the champion at Endgame. Who will prove themselves worthy of facing the Spartan Warrior?
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Why Holly Madison Ended Her Relationship with Hugh Hefner ... Another Playmate Slams Holly Madison: 'She Had The Ability ... Holly Madison on Hugh Hefner's Bedroom Antics  People ... Hourglass Workout (10 Mins) - YouTube Holly Madison in Peepshow - Planet Hollywood Las Vegas ... Ep 63 - The Process with Holly Madison on Manifesting her Relationships and Career Holly Madison @ LAVO Nightclub - New Year's Eve 2011 Is Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures dating Holly Madison? His Dating History Explained Criss Angel and Holly Madison

Who is Holly Madison dating? Holly Madison boyfriend, husband

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  3. Holly Madison on Hugh Hefner's Bedroom Antics People ...
  4. Hourglass Workout (10 Mins) - YouTube
  5. Holly Madison in Peepshow - Planet Hollywood Las Vegas ...
  6. Ep 63 - The Process with Holly Madison on Manifesting her Relationships and Career
  7. Holly Madison @ LAVO Nightclub - New Year's Eve 2011
  8. Is Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures dating Holly Madison? His Dating History Explained
  9. Criss Angel and Holly Madison

Today’s guest is former Playboy Bunny Holly Madison. In this episode, she joins Lacy to talk about her experience manifesting in love and career. She also speaks to her transformation during the ... Hourglass Workout No Equipment At Home ♡ DO THE QUIZ TO KNOW WHAT DIET AND TRAINING IS BEST FOR YOU: https://bit.ly/3lvcheO ----- Welcome back loves!... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Ghost Adventures' Zak Bagans is rumored to be dating actress Holly Madison. The rumors began prior to Holly's update on her bio and some of the suspicious comments she made on Zak's social media. 'I think he should really be more secure with himself,' Madison adds about Hefner. Subscribe to PeopleTV http://bit.ly/SubscribePeopleTV Stay on top of al... Holly Madison rose to fame in 2005 as Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s number one girlfriend on the E! reality series The Girls Next Door. For years, cameras do... Playboy pinup Holly Madison - who dishes the dirt on Hugh Hefner in a new book - is being blasted by another former playmate over her account. Izabella St. J... Holly Madison Criss Angel Believe Magic Show Las Vegas New Years Eve 2008 FOX 5 - Duration: 1:52. AccessVegas.com 24,160 views. 1:52. Holly Madison Says Ex Criss Angel Had a Bad Temper ... Holly Madison hosted a New Year's Eve 2011 party at LAVO Nightclub inside Palazzo Las Vegas. ... Dating, Katy Perry + More - Duration: 3:43. Hollywire Recommended for you. 3:43.